10 Budget Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home Yourself

Whether you have lived in your home for years on end, or you have just moved into a new place, stale home decor can really affect the way you view your abode. Usually, those of us who have lived in one place for a long time can easily ‘put up’ with an outdated home, without realising that major updates are needed. Shabby chic furniture has become very popular with those redecorating

‘Decor’ covers everything from the style of the couches to the colour of the walls, but when people think of redecorating, they often think it’s a large cost. They instantly associate it with hefty bills surrounding ripping up carpets and investing in a new three piece suite.

Thankfully, this isn’t always the case. There are numerous ways to update your home decor without breaking the bank. One of the easiest ways is to assess any tired, worn furniture pieces and look at the key ones to replace. It’s about having the right equipment and the creative focus to make some amendments!

It’s more common now to be able to shop affordable furniture online, instead of choosing over priced furniture stores from big chain brands.

Whether it be a new dining table and chairs set, to new bedside tables, TV stands and coffee tables, simply updating these can make your entire room look newer and fresher.

1. Modernise Your Bathroom

Of course, the most obvious option that you will want to take is to upgrade your bathroom to a completely new suite. New tiles, new bath, new shower, basin, vanity area…. I get it, that’s the dream. Along with a professional fitter, it can be quite pricey.

If funds are tight, why not look to update one key feature in the bathroom, like the shower? If you want to follow interior trends, walk-in showers are big news because the replicate the look and feel of a stylish wet room. Or if you have a bigger space, it might be a standalone bath you’d like as a ‘wow’ item.

Another option is to re-tile the walls. Stark bright white bathroom tiles with a dark grey grouting is hugely on trend, and can spruce up any dated, tired looking bathrooms in an instance. Consider what your space really needs to completely modernise and give it that more premium look. It could be worth looking at a home improvement loan like SoFi to help fund a renovation, which is more tailored to those who need additional help for their home improvements.

2. Upgrade Your Lampshades

A simple update which doesn’t cost the earth is to change up the lampshades – or any lighting devices around the rooms in fact. You can easily head to your local home decor store and pick these up. Sometimes just a newer, sleek style lampshade can add dimension, colour, and texture to any space.

Even adding a stylish floor lamp to a corner of a room can make the room look cosy in an instance. Look at floor lamps that are slim but deliver a warm glow of light, as these are the best for delivering that cosiness we dream of in Winter!

3. Have a supply of home improvement and DIY equipment handy

There’s nothing better in your own home than to be able to make changes or fix things when you want to. And for that, you need to be able to put your hand to the right equipment at any given moment. I always try to keep a drawer filled with thing I need, from drills and screws, to gas struts and fixtures.

For the majority of these, I’ve ordered from S G S  Engineering as they are the UK’s largest gas strut supplier, as well as having a whole range of power tools and garden tools too

4. Create Open Shelving

Something that screams old-fashioned in any household is cabinets, and you’ll probably find them lurking in living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Especially oak ones! Look to update these by replacing with sleek, modern shelves instead.

When looking for lovely shelving options, which all seem to be rather slim line and with modern lines and shapes, creating a stylish finish. These help create a ‘minimal’ look, so this way, you can organise framed prints, books and sentimental photos to sit on these to create a theme.

5. Spruce up your worktops

Sometimes we look at rooms, mainly our kitchens, and feel they are tired and need a whole new renovation. But sometimes that’s not the case, and by just focusing on one area in need of doing up is all it takes.

With bathrooms, the worktops show age and wear and tear, therefore it could be a set of new shiny sides your kitchen is crying out for. Marble and those subtle mixed shade effects are the biggest trend of the moment, which instantly look fresh and modern. Neolith worktops are a good place to start. If you aren’t familiar with these, you can find out more at The Marble Store who stock an extensive range.

The range of Neolith worktops are sleek and stylish, and come in Neolith porcelain and ceramic which are highly scratch resistant and impact resistant. They are even resistant to very high temperatures; you can place a pan directly from the hob straight onto your work surface, unlike quartz or granite where you need to use a trivet.

6. Create an Accent Wall

If your walls are begging for some attention, pick a wall in a room to create an accent wall. You can use this to get really creative, and even use wallpaper if you wanted something a little fancier.

You could play around with incorporating a brick wall print if you want something a little more urban, or use a splash of bright colour paint, to really bring life to a room. It’s simple, fun, and can make such a difference to any room. Plus, if you shop around, you can get a pot of paint or a roll of wallpaper at super affordable prices, especially if the quantity is only needed for one wall.

7. Don’t Forget About Photo Frames

Photo frames have a tendency to sit for years without much attention. Sometimes, old photos can sit in frames for years without being updated. How often do you check all your photo frames around the house? Exactly!

Why not look at getting recent photographs printed and spending one afternoon updating them all? Seeing new faces from fun times around your home will make such a difference to the vibe you get when you walk into the rooms

8. Create a Gallery Wall

Something that works wonderful in both small or large spaces are gallery walls, but even more so in home offices and dining rooms. These work especially well if you have motivational prints or travel imagery to frame and hang up on the walls. Not only do they tell a story, but they can be personal to you, and reflect your personality.

Why not hang multiple photos and objects on one striking wall? Just follow a theme that works for the room, invest in some good quality frames, think about great textures, and embrace your creative style.

9. Paint Your Furniture

If you’re wanting to change up your home decor style a bit, think about painting your furniture. Whether you decide to go for a more neutral theme or to spice things up with colourful paint, the difference is instant and effective.

The best pieces to focus on first are any side units or drawer units, or even any wooden dining chairs. You may even discover you have a love for upholstery.

10. Utilise Fabrics You’re Excited To Use

This covers a wide range of fabrics across the home, from towels, bedding, throws and cushions. If you genuinely have some new soft bathroom towels you’re excited to wrap yourself in, the difference in your mood is incredible! The same with your bedding, and even cushions.

If you invest in your favourite colours and plush fabrics, it can make all the difference. Even on a budget, you can create a home that looks straight out of a luxury magazine.

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