Spooky DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Try at Home

With Halloween right around the corner, we tend to spend a great deal of money on all sorts of tasteless decorations and costumes while ignoring the playful spirit of creation in this holiday. #

Halloween was originally a Celtic holiday called Samhain. During this time people would light bonfires and wear spooky home-made costumes to ward off ghosts, usually, celebrated to welcome the harvest and guide in “the dark half of the year”. If you really enjoy this period, you’re counting the days until you find a reasonable time and materials to start decorating and turn your home into a haunted mansion.

This should be an exciting time to put into practice those long-saved ideas that you’ve discovered and express your spookiness freely through your crafts.

Halloween preparations should not be a hassle when you have plenty of information available on how to decorate and craft, much cheaper and easier. Here are a few ideas to get you going on the Halloween spirit.

Charm through your outfit

Not sure where to start? You can transform completely into your favourite character for Halloween, but you got to act and be creative in your choices. If you’re thinking about the perfect gothic, witchy dress or cape just go for it and find that velvet, craft ribbon or lace, whatever you consider necessary. Storm into the yard sales, see what you could use, there are plenty of yard sales during autumn. Choose your favourite patterns and colours, go and buy lots of materials and prepare for your crafting.

After gathering what is necessary, you’ll eventually play with your ideas and how to combine them. Creating your outfit for Halloween is a delightful experience, especially if you choose to do this with your loved ones. Kids enjoy crafting and playing with lots of materials, you could give them a boost to stimulate their creativity by designing costumes and decorations together.

Get your home ready for this year party

See what materials you have and how to prepare your home for the next party. Maybe you want to do something a bit different this year and you’ve already saved some ideas. Start with your living-room because here’s the first place to welcome your guests. Find the right spot to place your spooky candles and lights. Playing with lights offers you a different atmosphere than you’ve imagined. You should get creative and try some of these simple interior decorations:

  • Ghostly Wine Bottles Simple, spooky and awesome, these bottles can be turned into candlesticks. All you need to do is to gather a few bottles of wine and spray-painting faces onto them.
  • Witch’s Broom Chandelier You want to create a creepy atmosphere while dining? You’ll need a few jars filled with black sand and battery candles to attach them to one side of the broom with black wires. You can also add on top of it a scared black cat or a bat to spice the effect.
  • The Candy Garland There are plenty of ideas worth trying to encourage snacking funnily. You must try with different assortments to enjoy your quests, if possible, buy an extra big bag.
  • DIY Cobweb Coasters Make glasses look creepy with these home-made coasters. Just hook five bobby pins onto a 3/8-inch flat metal washer and wrap the twine around each bobby pin. For a ghoulish look, spray-paint everything white and pop a few small toy spiders here and there.
  • Bats from Paper Cutouts Halloween in particular always reminds people of bats. Fast and easy bat cutouts are a fantastic idea if you want to decorate plenty of your interior walls.

Create a magical outdoor setting

When the weather is cool, the colours are changing, and the night is long and cold. It’s the perfect moment to create a gloomy setting outside your door. If you’re the type that enjoys outside decorations, you probably know how expensive they can be. The DIY decorations won’t require that much time and money, they only take a couple of minutes to be put together and will have more charm than those expensive decorations that your neighbour bought.

  • Creepy mirror Cute and creepy at the same time, for those who simply adore and appreciate these simple crafts, the creepy mirror consists of a message of your choice written on it. Cut a newspaper into the letter you’ve chosen, place it on the mirror and spray with a matte finish spray.
  • Eye See you Simple and scary. A pair of light eyes among the tree branches will give you an unexpected fright.
  • Groovy gourds Are less messy, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the pumpkin off your floor. You’ll only need a pencil to sketch a face on the pumpkin.
  • Delicious corner Place outside your door, besides lots of creepy and colourful candles, a basket of season’s fruits and vegetables. You’ll eventually create a festive porch vibe, hard to be unseen.
  • Black ribbon Halloween wreath Get your friends spooked by using this easy hand-made ribbon wreath. Just fold the strips in half and attach it to a 15- inch wreath form with pins, layering them to create a ruffle. Cut a silhouette of a witch from black paper and attach it in the middle of it.
  • Ghoulish glass luminaries Undoubtedly, we all have lots of unused materials at home among which we find those forgotten pickle jars. Gather a few jars of varying sizes to be more interesting and start painting them in autumn colours like red, yellow and dark green. Glue or paint some faces and fill them with lights. Arrange them along a dark path or right on your festive table to enjoy the warm and cosy faces.
  • The witch’s Flask By using a few empty bottles of pills and spices you could create some credible witchy flasks that any witch will need for her brew. You won’t need anything more than glitter, paint, glue and creativity to enjoy crafting it.
  • Spooky branches Affordable and simple, this one is a classic. Just gather whatever branches and sticks seem to you the scariest and, spray paint them how you prefer and stick them into the tops of pumpkins.

Regardless of how many people feel the urge to buy expensive decorations, they will never feel as good as someone who crafts its costume or makes its decorations from scratch. Your personalized crafts certainly have more charm when you invest time and spirit, it means you’ve understood the Halloween essence. 

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