Special Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Having a best friend you can turn to in times of joy and adversity is a blessing. You have a companion, secret keeper, and constant listener. Also, it is a privilege to be all those things to her. You can give your best friend a gift even if there’s no occasion. It can be a spontaneous thing to show them how much you appreciate them.

So, whether it;s your best friends birthday approaching or they’ve had a bit of a crappy time lately, here’s a look at some gift ideas for your BFF.

The following are guaranteed to put a smile on her face!

Matching Accessories

If you plan to gift them a piece of jewellery, like a ring as a surprise, you must know how to get their ring size. Rings are a great gift idea, as they can act as a friendship ring and they are a symbol of commitment. Also, the right kind of ring is the most unobtrusive accessory. You can wear them and not have to worry that they will get lost or get caught in something. You can even have a message engraved on the inside of the ring if you wish for it to be a keepsake.

Bracelets and necklaces also have a wide range of selections for matching purposes. There are custom pendants and charms that hold a special meaning for both of you. It can be a short message, each other’s names or initials, and even sound waves of your voice.

Matching accessories are a great gift idea because they are both fashionable and functional. Also, they are a great reminder of each other even if you are miles apart.

Something to Snuggle With

One of the nicest time for somebody to remember a friend is upon waking up or before drifting to sleep. Have this effect when you give your friend something to snuggle with. It can be a fluffy pillow with a personalized pillowcase. You may also choose a soft and fuzzy blanket. If you want to tap that little person in them, a big stuffed toy will do the trick. Having any of these items will remind them of you when they start and end their day.

A Keepsake Print

Nothing is more ‘cute’ and touches the heart than a print which has been custom designed to reflect your friendship. You can opt for an A4 print framed, or just a print on its own to leave it up to your friend to see if she wishes to frame it herself.

You can go anywhere you like with a print. It could have an illustraion of the two of you, a quote which you both love, it could be your friends star sign, or a poem script to celebrate your friendship.

You can out custom made prints over at Powder Rooms Studio on Etsy for some inspiration if you wish – a little shameless plug of my own store there!

An Item with a Personal Touch

Sometimes, when the connection is too deep, no store-bought item can describe it well. This is the time when you know that you have to put some personal touch to the mix. A customized portrait of the two of you will put a smile on their face. Another creative idea is a scrapbook of your favorite moments together. It will be something that they will be glad to look back on. You may even leave a few blank pages or a provision to add new pages. This way, it will be their turn to fill up the book with new memories with you.

Anything for Their Interest

A good friend gives support. If your friend loves books, you may gift them a novel that they have been scouting or saving up for. Are they a coffee lover? A personalized mug and a coffee spoon with an engraved message are a perfect blend of a gift. Having them for a best friend means that you know their interests by heart. Make them happy by showing some encouragement for what they love.

Giving your best pal some gifts is a sweet gesture. Do not forget, though, that spending time with them is still the best. You may have an afternoon date with them,hand them a yellow bloom, and enjoy a slice of cake and each other’s company.

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