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I was happily flicking through the local tabloids this morning when the same old boring topic of Fashion Vs Weight cropped up and sent me into a whirl of fed-up-ness (If thats even a word). After Kate Moss sparked a debate after foolishly announcing “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels“, I thought the media had recognised the outrage of the subject, and embraced the fact that curves are healthy, and stick thin models on the catwalk is starting to get tiring to look at… blah blah blah.

But no, in todays tabloids, we see Mischa Barton getting stick for ‘bulging out of her leathers’

Yes, we can all clearly see the actress has put on weight, but do we really care if her pants are too tight? And can we remember, it was a long time ago when Mischa left the OC, so she was always going to leave behind the skinny teen image she once had. Leather leggings are a fashion must have, and look great with leather jackets, studded tops, shoulder pads and logo tee’s…. good for Mischa to don them on and wear what she likes!

I still havent got bored of the leather leggings trend, even though I got my first pair last May. In fact, I don’t even care about wearing my leggings with only a short top accompanying them, and having my bum on show to the world! But there are people out there who may be conscious of their weight and feel uncomfortable wearing skin-tight leather leggings, which upsets me slightly that they are missing out on the rock chick legged look.

But good news! I stumbled across an alternative! And I must say that I can’t wait to get my legs in these bad boys…

Are they boots? Are they Pants? Are they leggings? Who cares! They are amazing and Rihanna has been seen stepping out in a pair.

Thigh High Topshop Leather Boot
Stella McCartney Knitted Thigh Boots

They make a comeback every now and again, and for 2010 it looks like they are back! Thigh High boots are not quite as hugging as leather leggings, but they will certainly give your legs the full coverage they need this cold January. Depending on how confident and comfortable you are, opt for fitted leather lace up boots that are in Topshop stores right now, or opt for more loose fitting knitted versions like the Stella McCartney beauties pictured above.

Personally, I’m now contemplating being a bit of leg candy, and switching my leather leggings for a pair of  these thigh highs! Who needs pants now!?

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