Welcome to my shiny new blog site! After years of contributing articles about fashion and style-related-bits to various websites and magazines, i decided its time i launched my own.  And what better time to launch a blog than January, when its blistering cold and icy outside, and sitting inside with my Sony laptop on my knee doesnt seem such a bad idea!

So its January, the start of the new year, and we have been graced with inches of snow and temperatures that match that of the South Pole. On the plus side, its a good time to round up afew New Year Resolutions for ourselves whilst we have much thinking time! Suprise suprise, mine have all been somehow reflecting my wardrobe habits, mainly thinking of ways to spend less this year but yet not putting clothes shopping trips on hold (why would you want to do that?!).

So i was relativley happy to find two websites which i think will definatley be big contenders of mine for 2010… step forward http://missguided.co.uk and http://boohoo.com. I have a friends 23rd birthday on Sat night and found that these websites have some amazingly cheap dresses that will look stylish, and also, wont have every Tom Dick and Harry (hopefully) parading around in them. Check out these little numbers….

Tilly Sequin Tunic, £10.00

Ahem… Did i just read £10.00 for a sequin tunic dress from Boohoo.com?? I did I diiiiiid! Total bargain i think. And not forgetting Missguided…

Kylie Velvet Bodycon Dress, Blue £16.99

Beautiful Blue velvet bodycon dress, teamed with black tights and killer blue heels on a January night? Yes please! And £16.99 is a bargain for these velvet bodycons all the shops are displaying. I have to admitt though, that although i did abit of purchasing on these websites, i opted for the Lipsy January sale in the end to secure my outfit for Saturday night. Visit http://www.lipsy.co.uk/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=lipsy%2Bsale&utm_content=Brand%2BTerms&utm_campaign=Brand%2BTerms&cm_mmc=icrossing-_-google-_-Brand%20Terms-_-lipsy%20sale&rw.cm=google,ppc,lipsy+sale to browse through Lipsys stunning range of party dresses with up to 70% off!

Happy New Fashion Year!

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