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Last year, you might remember that I shared my experience trying out the range of skincare from SKINCITY (you can see a little of this here). Well, a couple of months later, following the success of the professional skincare line for the face, SKINCITY have now launched SKINCITY skincare Body – a carefully curated collection of beauty products designed for body care.

It makes total sense – SKINCITY aren’t just a retailer who sell top perming brands. The team is made up of skin experts and therapists who live and breath quality, effective skincare. After putting lots of expertise and knowledge into the launch of their skincare for the face, it seems right to follow up with advanced skincare for the body.

I was kindly gifted a selection from the range, in which led me to research the range fully before trying them out. I found that the idea behind the product line is so that the brand are able to offer real results for common skin conditions on the body, such as keratosis pilaris, acne, pigmentation and dryness, with simple, smart and multi-functional products. One’s that are smart, and contain active ingredients at optimal concentrations.

As the experts behind SKINCITY have extensive knowledge about ingredients and formulas, they wanted to expand this to give results for the body, like what they have done for the face. They understand that not everyone has dry skin or normal skin – there are so many different skin conditions that need addressing.

The Range

The body range has been given a lot of thought, and the final product range covers everything from a nourishing shower oil, an exfoliating leave-on product and a moisturising body lotion. The entire range is vegan and is suitable for all different skin types, including the most sensitive skin. Always a bonus!

Let’s take a look at 4 products I’ve been trying out – which is a sample from the range – and my thoughts so far.

Retinoate Supple Body Oil £25

As SKINCITY skincare focus on the content of the products, I was not surprised to find an abundance of hero skincare ingreidients packed into the bodycare, and especially into this body oil.

The main aim of the Retinoate Supple Body Oil from SKINCITY skincare is to deliver smooth, clear skin all over the body. It infuses Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (a new generation derivative of Vitamin A) and Squalane (which mimics skin’s own sebum, it’s one of the latest buzz words in beauty), which work together to create a nourishing oil that can renew and correct the skin.

If you have sun damage, pigmentation or body acne, this product won’t aggravate it, and instead works to soften and soothe the skin to keep it more comfortable. It’s added Vitamin E is an extra help for the softness and suppleness, too.

I’ve been layering this on after showering, and it feels super luxe when massaging in. You only need a small amount – a little goes a long way. You might need a little more for dryer skin, but those with normal skin only need a lil’ amount!

AHA/PHA Clear Skin Body Resurfacer £22

To say I suffer from acne on my face, I’ve always been luckier with the rest of my body, however, that’s not to say I don’t have no break outs at all. I usually have a number of sparodic spots around my back and upper arms, so this topical treatment for clearer body skin was one I was keen to use.

It is formulated with an impressive blend of 10% AHAs and 10% PHAs, to both exfoliate and hydrate the skin. It’s great to see some of the effective, acne fighting ones packed in, like Glycolic, Lactic and Malic Acids which remove dead cells, fade away red marks and soften rough texture.

As well as body acne, it’s a good product to use for keratosis pilaris, pigmentation and very dry, rough skin.

I apply the lightweight gel and let it sink in for a few moments, before topping with false tan or any shimmering body lotions if I’m heading out, or just want an extra sheen to my skin. It possibly works best post-showering, and definitely as a pre-tanning treatment!

In Shower Body Buff £8

When I first saw this product, I felt like it was something I just knew had been missing from my shower routine all this time. This launch from SKINCITY skincare is a must-have for anyone who wants to give their entire body a little more TLC in the shower, and to continue to reap it’s results.

Firstly, I have quite sluggish circulation, so I’m aware of body brushing and buffing my body to kick-start it. When I started to try this for the first time, I knew this was going to massively help to boost my circulation, and it feels so nice to use. Rather relaxing! Especially when in the bath.

Hygiene has been in mind when creating this as the two-in-one silicone brush can be used daily and kinda self cleans under water. One side features long, flexible bristles which softly buff away dead cells and the other features shorter, rounder buds that effectively massage and soften tight, sore muscles to relieve daily tension.

Super easy to use with body oils, gels and foams, in or out of the shower. I’m going to keep working this on my cellulite areas too – I feel it will really help these stubborn areas!

Shower Power Peel from SKINCITY skincare £7

When I first read the name, I pictures applying this all over my body and then peeling it off. But of course, it’s a shower peel, meaning you use it in the shower so you’re not exactly removing and pulling off dry skin (as per my imagination!).

It’s a multitasking product which aims to effectively brighten, smoothe, soften and decongest the skin all over. Again, it features a concoction of my hero skincare ingredients, with Glycolic Acid to remove dead skin cells, Salicylic Acid to tackle acne and clear out the pores, and specialist cellulose grains to gently exfoliate rough any texture.

I’d say it’s a shower treat to use before shaving or waxing, as it lathers up to a creamy formula.

The new range can be found at Skincity here. Lovely to see an expert led, backed by education brand at reasonable prices.

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