Sicily: The Perfect Holiday Destination

Sicily has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its strategic position. But why visit Sicily? Let’s discover what’s wonderful about this incredible place. Myself and my partner almost booked Sicily a year ago but never got round to it, so it’s always been a place I wanted to explore more on the blog and put a bit of research into…

Travelling to Sicily

When it comes to accommodation, we recommend that you book in advance whenever possible: you will have a big variety of Sicily villas to rent for the perfect holiday. And to find out more about the quality of the offer, you can search for villas in Sicily from the link, where you will find information about the best accommodation options and their prices.

Sicilian food: The Nectar of Gods

Let’s start with the food: the local food is practically a work of gastronomic art. Everything is very plentiful, whimsical, elaborate, and delicious in Sicily. The Italian food there has a different flavour, stronger, fuller, spicier. When in doubt, take an antacid in your bag because you might need it! Among the most famous dishes of the typical Sicilian menu, the most typical ones are arancina, panelle, cazzilli, caponata melanzane, and milza maritata and as for everything there will be those you love, there are those you hate.

Sicily is the largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean Sea and the successive domination of Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Norman civilizations, who left fragments of their culture on the island, forming a happy cultural combination that gave life to the splendour of Sicilian art. Let’s dive deep into some of the most amazing cities.


Taormina, it is a city on the sea that gives you the opportunity to enjoy its narrow streets and when reaching the top of a hill glimpse the beautiful Etna and enjoy the view of the magnificent beaches around. The breath-taking Greek theatre, its view, and the fact that it hosts a film festival in the month of June are its peculiarities.


From Taormina, you can easily arrive at this enchanting island synonym of tranquillity surrounded by a turquoise sea of envy to the most beautiful Caribbean destinations. Although the desire is to lie under the sun, it is equally amazing to visit its ancient centre full of history.


Syracuse is the island with the greekest tough of Sicilian ones. Ortigia is the historic center where you can visit the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the cathedral built on the temple of Minerva. It is still possible to see the Doric columns of the temple. Inside there is a small altar dedicated to Saint Lucia, protector of the city.


Formerly called Zancle, it is and has always been considered the gateway to Sicily, due to all the ferries that come and go from the island. The astrological clock of the Cathedral tower is one of the largest in the world. Made in Strasbourg in 1933 it gives its show at noon when golden figures move in a fifteen-minute cycle.


Cefalù is a small port and fishing town with an exuberant setting of waves crashing into a rocky escarpment with above it a Norman church dominating the landscape. It was the setting for the beautiful Cinema Paradiso. Two high points: the curious Medieval lavatoio bathing and washing place and the Osterio Magno part of a 13th-century castle.

Now that you are ready with the info above, you could be all set to book your Sicilian villa and discover the authenticity of this island!

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