How to Decorate a Big Blank Wall with Wall Art

There is nothing more overwhelming than staring at a big, blank wall, whether moving into a new home, or analysing your own homes walls. A fresh, wide wall. A blank canvas. A clear wall space. Call it what you wish, the thought of decorating it and filling it with wall art can be a daunting step.

If you have this dilemma currently, or you’re looking at doing up your home, it’s worth taking some time to discover some savvy solutions. That large white wall (or whatever colour it may be) doesn’t have to sit all empty. It can inject some personality to your home, add a pop of colour, or simply enhance the room in question.

Below, you’ll find five ways to decorate those pesky blank walls, whether you’ve got a fair amount of money to throw at it in terms of fine art, or you’re a little more strapped for cash, and want to make it look ‘wow’ without spending a small fortune of expensive prints and frames.

Remember, even if you feel unsure on what you want, these days we have an array of extensive choices when it comes to wall art. You can even have wall art that is photographs turned into paintings, tapestries and metal art…

Display a cohesive series of images

If you have a certain interest area, like travel, the great outdoors or even films or era’s, this solution is ideal for you to display a ‘theme’ of wall art. Remember that you don’t want your home or room to start looking like the inside of a scrapbook, therefore it’s best to avoid printing off photos and letting professional art work do the job instead.

This can be photography, prints, sketches, canvases… but just aim to keep the look feeling sleek and cohesive. You could opt to go for a travel range all in the same colour scheme, or certain prints in black and white. Think about matching frames too, and display them all in a grid-like form.

It also helps to think about the room in question. A kitchen might lend itself to more of a poster feel, with bolder, less formal looking poster prints framed on a wall. You can even get food and beverage posters which compliment kitchens really well!

Go simple with wallpaper and one key feature

If you know you only want one ‘wow’ piece on the wall, and you’re a fan of wallpaper, spend the time looking at a wallpaper that will compliment the room and bring a certain wall to life. Once you have a beautiful wallpaper applied, you may then only need one large, statement print on that chosen wall, to make the wall more of a feature – without being too fussy.

This is a great option if you’ve been toying with wallpaper on a feature wall, or you’re struggling with creativity and don’t want the hassle of creating a gallery wall or hanging up a series of prints. You won’t need to spend time sourcing frames or making sure it all fits together either! Do you research into what works with the room and choose a pattern that strikes your fancy.

Embrace a bit of blank space

If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, there’s nothing wrong with embracing this and favouring the good old blank wall. If the wall is particularly large, you could also opt for adding a couple of very low-key sketch like illustration prints, framed in simple, fuss-free white frames.

Minimalism in the home is a huge design trend, where the Scandi Style feel in the home is only getting more popular. It feels great walking into a room and having a calming, spacious vibe greeting us, and sometimes over-crammed walls can bring us into a negative mindset. If you prefer the minimalist feel, look for simple and intentional white walls with very simple illustrations. Ideally, you want that ‘neat’ finish with any wall art you do feature on the wall, which is where framed prints can be the best option.

Go for the gallery

A gallery wall will no doubt attract people to your wall, and create a statement in your room. It’s that ‘wow’ wall we all dream about that can reflect your home’s theme, personality and style. If you work on it properly, it can be almost like a professional vision board of you, your family or you and your partner.

If you make the gallery wall a collection of all your favourite prints, colours, textures and interests, it can become your own work of art. The more personal you make it, the better it becomes. The key to making a gallery display feel truly timeless and creative is to truly embrace the scale of the wall, especially if you have a large one. Space out the prints if you need, use everything from the bottom of the wall to the top. Don’t cram everything into one space into the middle. And don’t be afraid to mix mediums and textures!

If you need a bit of inspiration, have a look at a wall art retailer as they will often show their pieces displayed on walls in homes, to give you an idea of the size and appearance. I like Fine Art America for this as they have sooooo many designs for every type of home and taste.

Create interest with shelving

There’s nothing finer in a room that seeing form meet function, which is exactly what shelving can do. If you have a large blank wall, an array of shelves – or even just one simple shelf- can make all the difference. With these, you can prop up framed prints to avoid hanging them on the walls, surrounded by design books, cookery books, photographs or anything that makes your home more ‘you’.

A long line of wall shelves can add interest immediately to a blank wall, and also is handy for storing boxes, trays, or vintage finds. You can keep your shelving and the items you pop on them as neat as you like – it all contributes to the ‘art’ of your room.

And last but not least, think about longevity. It’s best to go for an overall timeless and classic feel with your wall art so that you don’t feel the need to change it up year after year…

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