Review: Boom25 – Money Back When You Shop Online

I thought I’d take a break from my usual fashion, beauty and food posts today and pop up a little review of a website I’ve been hearing a lot about. It is of course linked to shopping, after all, shopping is what I do best!

And it’s through my online shopping habits that I heard about Boom25, after various people mentioning I should try it out. Boom25 comes with the motto of ‘If You’re Not In, You Won’t Win’. Which is pretty much to the point.

Boom25 came about when Giora Mandel decided that there needs to be more excitement around online shopping. I mean, we currently can search for the best deals and offers, then there are competition sites, but why stop there?

What is Boom25?

In a nutshell, Boom25 is the cashback site where you have a 1 in 25 chance to win your full purchase price back.  So you don’t have to spend anything with Boom25 to sign up or be eligible for that win. It’s basically a case of acting similar to a cashback site, where you are shopping online anyway, but by doing it through Boom25 gives you that opportunity to win your money back.

It’s definitely a new and unusual concept for me. But I reckon it’s become popular because who doesn’t love the thrill of being able to get fully refunded for a purchase? Don’t get me wrong, traditional cashback sites can be fab, but you’re normally talking a few pence and weeks of waiting for it too.

If you don’t end up being the lucky 25th customer with an eligible purchase, you still get a bonus to go in your pot, ready to be paid out when you do have a win.

Does it offer deals?

Yes, by shopping through Boom25, there seems to be deals that pop up for a limited time, and switch around often. For example, they promote offers through popular stores, like their current Yankee Candle offer (up to 50% off Yankee Candle Christmas shop), and then lower the chances of winning the usual ‘1 in 25’ chance of winning your money back.

Right now, they have a 1 in 15 chance of a win as a new customer of Tesco, a 1 in 12 chance with Groupon, and a 1 in 14 chance with my favourite makeup brand Illamasqua.

Is it really 1 in 25 chance of winning your money back?

Yep, it totally is. I had to read through the site a few times and nosey on a reviews to really believe it, but yes! is a fun online shopping portal which gives you the chance to win the cost of your order back, and it doesn’t matter what you buy.

It’s literally every 25th approved purchase via Boom25 is refunded, not with points or vouchers, but with cash paid to your PayPal account. The chance to win applies to any kind of purchase you make. So it could be furniture, clothes, or electricals.

You can join for free!

It’s completely free to use Boom25’s website. You just sign up and you’ll then be taken to your personal dashboard which shows your shopping activity, details of your winnings and any bonuses. It’s worth noting you need an active PayPal account to be apart of Boom25, as that’s where any winnings are paid into.

One of the nice things I love about it, is that it pretty much covers every online retailer I can think of which I would need. Up to now there are around 870 online shops to choose from to shop via, and you can either click directly on their displayed logos or search for them by category.

There are your usual popular ones, as mentioned before like Groupon and Tesco, and then Topshop, eBay and AO, but then a few more unique ones, like AllBeauty, Chemist4u, Waitrose and MyProtein.

So far, I’m enjoying using Boom25 when doing my online shopping. I literally have nothing to loose with it, but a lot to gain in the grand scheme of things!

Take a look at and see what you could win by checking out the website here.

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