Fashion: Why I Need Some Online Fashion Retailer Inspiration

Although I’ve been fashion blogging for around 9 years (I know right!?), there are times when I feel I’m still stuck in a rut with finding new, exciting fashion brands. There was a time when I would swear by H&M, Topshop and River Island for all my outfit shots, and then sometimes switching it up with more affordable High St favourites, like Matalan and Primark.

Then, due to my very much ‘online life’ and blogger job, I struggled to find the time to do proper clothes shops in stores, and turned to the online way of shopping.

This opened me up to a world of stylish, fast-fashion brands, such as Missguided, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Lavish Alice, Motel, I Saw It First, Miss Pap, Missy Empire… the list goes on.

But after years of buying clothes from the same online retailers, I sometimes sit back and now ask myself ‘where are these other sassy online fashion retailers?’. So I guess the point of today’s blog post is to search for some new inspiration, and call out to you guys and ask: “where are YOU shopping online?”

I recently had a search the other day for online retailers which offer a more ‘lifestyle’ service, rather than just fashion. So finding new retailers for me which focus on fashion, but also have huge electrical, home wear and furniture too. I find these brilliant when it gets closer to Christmas.

My searching brought me to Catalogues 247– who look after fashion brands such as La Redoute, Kaleidoscope and Curvissa. These all offer finance schemes to shop, so if you’re a little broke, you don’t have to worry about spending all your money at once.

Catalogue 247 also have the retailers Perfect Home and Bright House under their umbrella, which has been quite nice for me to discover this side of Christmas, for my Xmas shopping run up!

Some other more ‘newly’ discovered fashion brands I’ve come across over the past few months which I’m liking include Dancing Leopard, Fearlesss, LOTD, Frontrow and SilkFred (which isn’t an actual brand, it’s an online store hosting hundreds of independent labels).

So tell me: where do you guys shop? Where else should I discover as a newbie for this month? Answers in the comments!

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