Revealed: Beauty Influencers’ Secrets

“Influencer” is much more than a term associated with Millennials and Gen Z. Influencers are on every possible social media platform, and they are able to shape and change the way people look and act. Beauty influencers are particularly popular, and all over the world, people are longing to find out what they can do to look like them.

Look no further, dear reader, because we’ve brought you some of the most valuable secrets of beauty influencers all over the world.

Blotting the shine away

While we might be big on shimmery highlighters, we aren’t really fans of skin that’s shiny with oil. If you have oily skin, it’s a good idea to keep blotting papers in your purse and use them throughout the day. Beauty influencers have also gone as far as keeping a small box of blotting tissues in their purses in case of emergency.

Still, if you find yourself without tissues, drop to the nearest Starbucks and grab some of their brown napkins – not only are these free, but they’re as good as any blotting paper on the market.

Don’t be shy on long flights

Long flights can be a real nightmare: you have to sit for hours cramped next to total strangers, and your skin looks terrible afterwards because of dry airplane air. Beauty influencers, on the other hand, have a great way to deal with this: they apply face masks during long flights.

This isn’t time to be shy about it and to be worried about who’s watching – this is the time to save your skin from dehydration. Keep a pack of wet wipes in your carry-on, use it to wipe your face and your hands, and after that, apply a sheet mask to your face.

More than plain hydration

Moisturizers and hydrating serums should be applied daily, all influencers agree on this, but what if you could do more? Influencers know that the best hydration skincare should also include products that contain SPF, because sun exposure can make your skin dry and flaky, and UV rays can further damage it.

Whats more, there are brightening moisturizers that help you get rid of small blemishes and help you keep your tan even, but also tinted moisturizers that give you a touch of color if you’re feeling tired and drained. Hydration is important, but you could try products that will save you time and allow you to achieve more.

Laying the liner like a pro

Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it can be difficult to apply eyeliner flawlessly, and influencers are well aware of the fact. Before they mastered the fine art of laying the liner on their lids, they tried out several techniques and found the one that works best for them.

Some play “connect the dots”, while others use tape to get that perfect wing, but most importantly, they practiced until the results were perfect. Also, while liquid liner might be tricky to master, it also tends to stay on longer and it doesn’t smudge. The secret: line your eyes with pencil first, because it will be easier to get a straight line, but after that, put on your liquid liner and voila – well-lined and smudge-free.

Know when to experiment

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever hear from influencers is to be wise and careful with new products. While you’ll never find the perfect ones unless you experiment from time to time, if you have a big event coming up: a party, a birthday, or an important trip, you should lay low and stick to the products you know and love.

At least this is what Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules blog tells us: when you know that there is something important coming up, don’t risk it. Also, keep all of your favorite products in travel packages, so you can bring them along with you on your flight. Experimenting with different products is fun, but you don’t want a bad rash or an allergic reaction before your romantic weekend, do you?

When you look at all those fantastic photos of beautiful people on Instagram and see vlogs from their latest trip to Bali and Dubai, it’s easy to feel like you’re flawed.

It might be difficult to remember it at that time, but beauty influencers are regular people, and even though they might look perfect in their photos, they are far from it IRL. Take care of yourself and adopt healthy habits – it will change your life for the better for sure.

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