How to Adjust Your Personal Style to Ethical Fashion Rules

With a number of fashion trends being born on almost a daily basis, the one trend that certainly isn’t going to disappear any time soon and that has a lot of fashion lovers embracing it is sustainable fashion.

The beauty, uniqueness, and the extremely important respect for the environment are the factors that are bringing conscious fashion into the focus. At the same time, numerous new followers are starting to oblige to the ethical fashion rule and are saying no to fast fashion and consumerism.

So, if you have been wondering how to follow the rules of conscious fashion but at the same time not lose a sense of your personal style, we bring you a few helpful tips.

Go for natural materials

Cotton, linen, silk, and similar fabrics are not only undoubtedly comfortable to be worn (especially during the summer), but they are also natural and eco-friendly. More and more fashion brands are starting to implement, for example, organic cotton for the production of their clothes.

We can see this change even with the fast fashion brands that are supporting the use of organic cotton, which is specific because this type of cotton has been grown without the use of the chemicals that are harmful to the soil and it hasn’t been genetically modified.

Thus, as a consumer, you should use this change and opt for organic cotton items and perhaps even give advantage to the naturally colored cotton tees or shorts. 

Not only cotton, but also silk is a natural material that is very versatile, so no wonder that fashion brands use it for the realization of their designs. This gives every fashion lover the opportunity to find some gorgeous silk tops and dresses, such as a dreamy Realisation par dress that is made out of 100% silk satin. This is just one of the examples that a great design can follow the ethical rules of fashion.

The same applies to linen, which is a durable material made out of flax seeds. You can easily find a stunning linen suit or a pair of linen trousers that are in accordance with your style and that you will be able to wear in the years to come.

Give your clothes a makeover

Have a couple of old jeans and a number of old T-shirts that you haven’t worn in years, but you still love them and can’t just throw them away? Then why not simply transform them? This is the easiest and the least expensive way to get yourself some fresh and chic fashion pieces.

Cut your jeans and style them into a trendy pair of jean shorts. As for the T-shirts, use scissors to give them a fashionable, distressed look. If you love arts and crafts, you can embellish your old tees with some creative designs or fun quotes. Giving a new life to the clothing items you already have is the best way to extend the life span of those items while simultaneously upgrading your original and very own fashion style.

Additionally, if you have, for instance, an old cotton dress that is no longer wearable, you can reuse it by finding it a new purpose. So, you can get a bit innovative and make some nice cotton kitchen towels out of your old dress.

Find a great tailor

You may think of extremely expensive designer clothes when you hear the phrase “custom-made”, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can have your clothing items made according to your fashion style preferences and out of materials that you love and which are sustainable.

You just need to find a tailor who will understand both your passion for fashion and the fact that we need to be eco-friendly. Make a mood board of a few clothing items that you know you will wear many times in the future and consult with your tailor about organic materials that will be the best ones to make the designs you choose.

Make sure that the tailoring expert knows that the purchased materials are not only long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful, but that they are also fair-trade fabrics. As a result, you will have some original fashion items, which both fit you perfectly and are also according to the ethical fashion rules. What is more, you will be supporting a local tailoring business.

In the end, let these tips inspire you to support sustainable fashion and think of it the next time you decide to shop for some new clothes. 

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