Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Working from home is excellent. You can eat, drink, or make pauses whenever you want. However, your discipline and productivity can easily get ruined because of all those distractions at your home.

They are your biggest enemies. These seven productivity hacks will help you fight these distractions and stay focused on your work.

Create a timetable for the upcoming day

Daily timelines and schedules are great for your productivity and time organization. However, it is wrong to think about them in the morning. Night before is a lot better, and the reasons are multiple.

First, you don’t want to rush your breakfast and morning routine because you need time for making a schedule. Also, if you finish creating your plan a night before, it will stimulate you in the morning, and you will have a better start of the day.

Start in the morning

Even though there are people who claim that they are more productive in the later hours of the day, or even in the evenings, it is a low probability that you are one of them.

Your activity in the morning can do beautiful things for the whole day. Do some exercise, yoga, meditation, or whatever else you prefer, before you start with the work. It will massively boost your health and energy level, and as a result, you will stay motivated and active throughout the day.

To-do list is a must

Notebook, Trello, or any other app you prefer is a must! You have to organize and prioritize your tasks. Without a good plan and a to-do list, you, most likely, won’t be able to achieve everything you want. Prioritizing is crucial. You want your most significant, and also most demanding tasks to be finished as soon as possible so that you can have the rest of the day for other (more comfortable) stuff.

A to-do list is the best tool when it comes to productivity and task management. Write down all your tasks, prioritize them, and set a timeline and deadlines for each of them.

Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking is your enemy. You can’t do multiple things at once even if it sometimes seems that you can. Multitasking is killing productivity because our brains can focus only on one task at a time.

On top of that, it also ruins and lowers your work quality and efficiency. Therefore, forget about multitasking – schedule and prioritize your tasks, make a to-do list, and focus on one task at a time. You are not a superman, nobody is.

Organize your workspace

Your workspace needs all the essentials – a desk, a chair, and storage units depending on your job needs. The magnetic whiteboard is one of the vital tools for everyone who likes to write down (or draw) their tasks. You can even turn your workspace room into an actual, fully equipped office.

Take care of the room design because you want to feel comfortable and happy inside it. You have to secure all these preconditions to be able to increase your productivity. Also, inform your family members or your roommates about your schedule. They have to respect it and be as quiet as possible during your working hours.

Organize your desk

Your desk has to be well-organized since you are spending half of your day there. First of all, it should be immaculately clean, without any food on it. Also, to increase productivity, you should minimize all distractions.

Get rid of everything you don’t need and keep only those stuff which is necessary for your work. Staying focused should be your primary goal. Cleaning and organizing your desk will help you achieve such a mental state.

Always get dressed

This might seem weird, but it works. You will feel determined to get more things done, and also, to be more professional. It is not the same when you work in your pajamas or, on the other hand, in a formal, comfortable suit. Your mental state will be different because of the suit. When this becomes your routine, you will see how your productivity level rapidly grows.

You have to act professionally when it comes to business. It doesn’t matter if you work in the office or at home. Your professionalism is the most crucial thing, and following these productivity hacks will help you stay reliable and responsible.

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      July 30, 2019 / 7:03 am

      Good luck! Best thing you’ll ever do xx

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