How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destination According to the Wedding Month

Destination weddings have become popular lately, which is no surprise since many people do want to get married in a location different from their hometown. If you’re considering going away for a wedding, here are some ideas where to do it according to the season and the wedding month:

Spring months (March, April, May)

If you plan to get married during the warm spring months, then you should consider getting married in Italy or France. There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding in Florence or Napoli. There are many gorgeous properties and vineyards where you can have a wedding reception and on top of that, you can also offer your guests some of the best wine there is.

Also, during the spring you more options when it comes to choosing the wedding outfit, so if you prefer you can get wed in a lavish wedding gown or a minimalist white dress. Same goes for your guests, so this period is definitely the easiest if you’re usually struggling to find the perfect outfit.

Summer months (June, July and August)

The hottest part of the year sounds like a perfect period to get wed, but if you prefer to not get hot and sweaty, maybe you can do it in an air-conditioned venue in a city of your choice. Paris, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Berlin…the possibilities are unlimited, you just need to find what’s best for you and your SO.

After the wedding party, you can hire a professional tour guide for your guests, so besides celebrating, you can experience a new city with its vibrant cafes, clubs and museums. And also, when you’re in a big city, you can dress any way you want, from stylish to casual!

Autumn months (September, October)

Autumn is usually associated with new beginnings after summer, and getting married perfectly fits this concept. If you decided to have an autumn destination wedding, you can do it are Santorini in Greece, Malta or Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

These places are still pleasantly warm during September and October, so having a European-styled beach wedding is a great idea. Besides, you and your partner can choose light and still elegant wedding attires, while your guests can take a break from rainy weather at home to hop back into sandals and summer clothes.

Winter months (November, December, January and February)

Getting married during the winter can have its charm…if you decide to go to a warmer place. Travelling to a tropical destination us a perfect way to take a break from the harsh winter season, and there’s no better location than the Maldives. This island country is known for its stunning beaches and beautiful resorts.

It’s best to travel sometime between November and April because that’s the period of the dry season there because honestly, no one wants to get married during the monsoon period. Before you go, make sure you researched all the available Maldives travel packages, so you’ll have the wedding you deserve! There’s nothing more romantic than traveling to an exotic destination after saying “I do”, and enjoying all the fun and perks that only the Maldives can offer for the newlyweds.

Choosing the honeymoon destination based on the wedding month is definitely a reasonable thing to do, unless you prefer extreme weather changes. In that case, feel free to go to a different climate and have a unique honeymoon. Whatever you choose, always make sure that you’re well-prepared for your trip and don’t forget to have some great time with your spouse.

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