Pet Portraits: New Way to Show Your Love

Pets have always been the most lovable and vital part of our life. Goldfish, Cats, Dogs. You name it. It is almost as if they were born to be a part of our family and it is not false either. Even studies suggest that pet keeping habit runs in families.

The genes of keeping a pet are unique in human beings and not everyone has them. Our pets may be moody, sleepy or lazy but we just can’t resist loving them.

No wonder why funny pet videos make millions of views online. This unconditional love is not just one-sided. Pets love us as much as we love them. Cute little paws/wings of our pets run fast as we call out their names. Some like cats while others love dogs. But have you ever thought of a special way to express your love to your pet? Gifts have always been a token of our love for someone.

We’re sure that your lovely buddy deserves a special gift as well. Because if not them, then who? After you’re done making your mind, you might wonder what would be the perfect gift for your awesome buddy. Well, Don’t think anymore as we have already done that for you.

BookMyPainting, on its creative venture, brings you an amazing gifting option, made just for your little mate. Have you ever thought of gifting a portrait of your pet to them? Confused, right? One would doubt the artistic approach of their pets. Why would anyone want to get a portrait of their pets hung on a wall? For countless years, humans have used painting as their universal language to express themselves.

Be it anger, sadness or love. Painting has let us done it all. Even in the caves of ancient civilizations, paintings were present. This is enough to realize the value of paintings for mankind.

What could be a better way to express your love for them than to gift a handmade portrait?

After the invasion of cameras in our artistic world, paintings may seem to many as a forgotten gem. While pictures will surely be a suitable way to store our memories, the magic of a portrait will never fade out. Numerous emotions and feelings hide beneath one single stroke. We all will surely agree with the fact that our heart elates, whenever we come across a painting.

Some occasions when you can gift a Pet Portrait:

On your Pet’s Birthday

it’s your pet’s birthday, then get over dog collars and bones because everyone does that. Give them something real and which will stay long even after they’re gone. Getting a handmade Watercolor Painting is a great idea since it is realistic and is something that is above today’s generation of Instagram and showoff.

To Mourn the loss of a beloved pet

Has your neighbor or your friend just lost their pet and are mourning its loss? Gifting something memorable about their pet will work wonders. A charcoal sketch will add to the black & white memories of them. It is a very unique idea and they’ll always remember the generosity of your love and how you stood during their tough phase.

As Christmas gifts

A Pet painting is full of colors and creativity, thus it will definitely add more colors to your Pet’s already colorful world and your family treasure. Gifting an Oil Painting of your pet can be a good Christmas gift option to give to your family and friends along with Candy and chocolates.

Once you’re done selecting and uploading the picture, browse some really cool art styles and choose the best one for your portrait. Charcoal, sketches, Pencil sketches, oil painting, and the list goes on and on. These art styles are curated for the best visual experience of the admirers.

After you have opted for an art style, your portrait’s work will begin. All you have to do is wait for the beautiful painting to be delivered at your doorstep with love. Hang the adorable portrait in your living room to let everyone know the bond you and your pet share. We can already see your little pet admiring the new addition to their home.

Pets are loved by not just their owners but their friends and family as well. We all have had our favorite pet that never really was our pet. Now you can gift them a sign of your love, as well. Be it their birthday or even a random day, don’t shy away from your bringing colorful magic to their lives.

Come on, what is making you wait? Grab your laptop and order the portrait ASAP! We bet that your pet wouldn’t like any delays in getting their masterpiece painting. Just make sure that they don’t end up eating their portrait in excitement.

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