5 Amazing Examples of Middle Eastern Architecture

The Middle East has long been praised for being culturally rich in architecture that reflects the movement of history and religion over the centuries. It is the core of so much of what has happened in the past and the current events that surround our world today.

The deep history of Islamic and Judaic culture is easily seen in all of its grandeur in the middle east. There are people groups from around the world that reside in this area and it’s now become a reflection of the coming together of races, creeds, and nations. Read on to discover 5 amazing examples of Middle Eastern Architecture. 

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Emirates

The Burj Khalifa is located in one of the world’s most luxurious destinations spots. Towering over a massive 2.716.5 feet, and over 160 stories tall, this structure holds numerous world records. It is not only the tallest building in the world, but also the tallest structure anywhere in the world. The Burj Khalifa also boasts an impressive observation deck that is also one of the highest in the world.

At the observation deck site, there are many interactive activities to take part in and a personalized tour. There are also plenty of places to sit back, enjoy the view and entertain yourself with food and drinks. Imagine the pictures you can take standing at the top of a building this tall. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of this building, but you can also splurge in all that the surrounding city life has to offer.

2. World Trade Center, Manama, Bahrain

Overlooking the waterfront in Manama, Bahrain, the sail shapes, this awe-inspiring buildings is sure to catch your attention. The two towers are shaped into sails and pointed towards each other and are joined be a 5 star Sheraton hotel and Moda Mall.

The two towers are 44 stories high and house some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. It’s the epicenter of business and trade in the middle east. The unique design is a reflection of the luxurious and modern life that many experience in the business sections of the Middle East. 

3. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, United Emirates

What could be more reflective of the rich history, modernization, and innovation of the middle east than Ferrari World. The racing name, knowing and branded for its bright red color, yellow and black horse emblem envelops this massive and expansive space where some of the world’s most exciting theme-park rides reside.

At Ferrari World you can ride on the world’s faster roller coaster, other thrilling rides, and enjoy learning all about the brand, its cars, and racing history. 

Alongside of all of the fun, the gigantic theme park includes numerous dining options that highlight Italian cuisine, because that’s where the Ferrari story started. There is also shopping and plenty of other fun that you can experience.

Ferrari World is located on Yas island, which is one of the top destination sites in the UAE. Beyond admiring this enormous and exceedingly fun work of architecture, you can also take time to enjoy all the island has to offer. 

4. The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Gold-plated, and beautifully decorated, The Dome of the Rock, is one of history’s and modern day architectural structures that represent so much of the Middle East’s religion and history. The Dome of the Rock, reminds local residents and tourists of the tension that has been long-standing in the Middle East, and particularly surrounding this area and structure. 

The golden dome is a covering for a large stone slab that is the center of controversy for Muslims and Jews. According to Jewish history and beliefs, the very spot is thought to be where Abraham, from the Bible, sacrificed his son Isaac to God. An angel saves his son and Abraham proves his faithfulness to his God. On the other hand, Islamic tradition holds fast to the belief that this is the site where the prophet Mohamed ascended to heaven. 

The Dome of the Rock is surrounded by 2 aisles on the outside of the structure and an octagon-shaped wall inside the aisles. The structure is supported by massive columns that boast of intricate mosaic designs sprinkled with a variety of different materials and colors, and the lower half of the columns are covered with brilliant marble stone. Many of the arches are also covered in marble that boasts the classic veining and marbling of that stone. 

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists and local residents flock to the area to take in all of the beauty surrounding the building but also to explore the history of this conflict. 

5. The Chedi Muscat, Muscat, Oman

Belgian architect Jean-Michel Gathy, created the Chedi Muscat hotel from his experiences journeying across the Oman region. These influences are reflected within the style of this superbly luxurious hotel that serves as a pristine getaway.

One of the most obvious and well-admired features of this structure is the contrast in almost every facet of the buildings architectural design. The pathways are a stark white in contrast to the dark waters and rich grass. The walls are very simplistic in nature, but is adjoined by spectacular woodwork.

The buildings are all white and stand out against the shapes of the landscape outside. It’s a great place to enjoy middle eastern cuisine blended with India, Asian, and Mediterranean dining.

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