Ocean Jasper: How Jewellery Can Give Positive Energies and Mindfulness

As much as I love sharing my favourite fashion, beauty and accessories across social media, there are sometimes reasons for why I wear what I wear.

With beauty, I’ve been going down the organic route for January, after being really cautious about what I put on and in my body since falling poorly in December. With fashion, I try to only buy items I can dress up and down, and wear day and night, so I get multiple uses.

For jewellery, I’ve recently become really inspired with jewellery that allows me to feel a little more happiness, and give me some sort of ‘meaning. To explain this better, one of the brands that doe this for me is Ocean Jasper – a brand developed from a deep love of gemstones.

Ocean Jasper wanted to create jewellery pieces which reconnect people with their celestial stones, so that everyone can experience a little more happiness.

Firstly, I’ve always been interested in gemstones and the ways in which they can lead to calming feelings, and ground us through their energies. I’m no expert on the topic, but it’s one that deeply intrigues me, with gemstones featuring different vibrations. Luckily, Ocean Jasper have a gemstone guide and an astral stone page which helps you to choose which stones suit
your personal needs and journey.

The Ocean Jasper gemstones are split into three types of energies. The first is Calming Energies, which are said to help aid anti-anxiety, anti-insonmia and clarity of the mind. Of everything in life, these are the areas I battle the most.

My mind never switches off – some would say I’m a real worrier. I also struggle with falling asleep, as my mind is constantly over reacting and over playing everything out. It appears that through the Ocean Jasper collections, the gemstones Labradorite and Larimar are the stones which can help with this.

Labradorite is one of the strongest healing gemstones in a grey/navy colour; it shares de-stressing and anti-anxiety energies with the wearer, calming over-active minds and brings clarity of thoughts. It is the perfect adornment for sufferers of insomnia, depression, anxiety or those with a challenging work-life who struggle to ‘switch off’.

Sounds just like me…

Larimar is connected to the element of water, which is the element that rules our emotions. It comes in a lighter blue shade. It is widely regarded as an excellent ‘worry stone’, reducing stress to those who need it all the time, or in certain stressful situations (pregnancy, illness and beyond).

The next energy is Revitalising Energies, for fresh creativity, problem solving and decision making.

One of the gemstones responsible for helping is Topaz, a stone of revitalisation. It is said to inspire fresh creativity and enhances the wearers ability to learn and understand complex concepts. A great gift for those starting a new job/university, or to improve self-confidence.

Alongside Topaz is Amethyst -a powerful tool for problem solving. The stone not only allows the wearer to see different points of view but calms and cools emotions. This state of mental clarity will provide access to practical solutions, whether in the home or workplace.

One that I feel will be very popular amongst a lot of people is the Loving Energies, brought along with Moonstone and Rose Quartz to encourage self love and romance.

Moonstone is a crystal in colour stone and acts as a diverse healing stone. It’s enchanting energies nourish, ignite passion and cocoon the wearer in a sensual shield.

Moonstone provides cleansing of negative emotions which might be obstructing the achievement of those desires. The gemstone is associated with the inner goddess, a symbol of fertility and sensuality; supporting new beginnings and the re-balancing of hormones.

Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love, and a great one to gift for any important loved ladies in your life. It helps to open the heart chakra and attract love of every kind – familial, friendship, romantic and self-love. It works to remove negative build-ups in the heart chakra allowing the wearer to experience, accept and give love once again. Great for those who have been hurt and need to heal.

Although I’m a little torn between the Loving Energies and the Calming Energies, I think I’m a little more leaning on the calming. The Labradorite collection is truly my favourite, and with the gorgeous dainty Sterling Silver bracelet costing £60, and the earrings at £30, these are what I’m now lusting after as a gift to myself for 2019.

Have you ever been interested in gorgeous gemstone jewellery, which brings energies and healing? If so, which energy area attracts you the most, and have you had an success stories?

If so, I’d love to hear. I find Ocean Jasper’s collections absolutely beautiful, from the Labradorite gemstones I personally need in my life, to the sparkling purple amethyst to help ease tough decisions, and the pretty light pink Rose Quartz to bring an element of love and support.

Gemstones may well be making their way through as my main jewellery items for 2019…

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