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Back at the beginning of October, I put a blog post together about how I was looking at combating my stress levels, and easing my busy mind. I don’t go into it too much on here, and in fact, I don’t even think that some of my friends or those who see my regular know just how much I struggle with a over crowded, worrying mind.

It hasn’t always bothered me, but the older I get, I realise how it’s not a great thing to deal with every day. In a nutshell, my mind doesn’t ever switch off and I cant ever relax. It’s like I don’t want to relax: I have to fidget with something, think about things, make plans, make worries, worry some more… you know the deal. Eurgh. It can effect my sleep, and in other ways, it’s just downright unhealthy to always be worrying and having an overcrowded mind.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the right to relax and clear their minds every now and again. Even when I go on spa days or have massages, I lie there planning my week, thinking about things I should be doing to improve, or worry about things that aren’t coming my way.

Wow – I bet just reading that made your mind go!

So, I started taking a new supplement, Zenflore, which aims to help support your busy mind and provide comfort during demanding, ‘busy’ times. It has a unique live 1714-SerenitasTM culture and specially selected B vitamins, providing a way to combat stress-related fatigue*.

The special 1714-Serenitas live culture in Zenflore was discovered and developed by PrecisionBiotics®, in partnership with scientists and clinicians from one of the world’s leading centres of research on the microbiome and the gut-brain axis, the APC Microbiome Institute in UCC, Ireland.

I was keen to give it a go as its been clinically studied in people with everyday stress, and shown to reduce the level of our stress hormone, cortisol1. I can only assume my Cortisol levels are quite high!

So, I won’t go into exactly what the supplements are this time around because I outlined it in depth over here on my first blog post. But lets see how I’ve found them…

After 2 weeks:

I always wanted to try probiotics, but I was unsure about which type to try. Luckily I did a lot of research before taking Zenflore, so I did feel quite positive before taking them. Two weeks into when I started taking Zenflore was when I could say I started to notice feeling a little better.

I wouldn’t say I stopped worrying straight away or that I had any great changes to my overactive, stressful mind, but I felt really good in myself. Almost like my concentration had returned a little, my mind was sharper, and I just felt a lot ‘happier’, like a had a positive energy again.

After 4 weeks:

October was potentially the worst month for me in terms of work and life. I’m self employed and work as an influencer, which is extremely competitive and demanding. October just took a bit of a nose dive with things I wanted to achieve, plus being a very expensive month. So, I instantly worried more and stressed out all over again.

I did find though, that although my life got more stressful, I was sleeping so much better on a consistent basis, throughout the stressful month. My mind wasn’t wandering, and I remained focused, and I’d say I felt more ‘in control’ of my worries. I hit the one month mark taking Zenflore, and although going through a more hectic month, I found I was coping well and not wasn’t feeling too stressed out, considering how busy with worry I actually was.

This made me feel really positive about Zenflore, and experienced how it can help me when times get a little tougher…

Now, on week 6:

Sooo I have just hit the week 6 mark (I purchased another pack after my initial 30 day pack) and I have to say I’ve noticed a positive outcome. Now, I can’t 100% say if it is a mind-over-matter thing: I’ve been taking Zenflore to help aid support with my mind and body during demanding times, to help with stress and worry, so it’s obviously going to be on my mind that I’m having a help.

The first thing I did notice is that although Zenflore doesn’t actually take my stress away, I felt much less under pressure on me and my mind. It’s like I can organise my thoughts more, and not dwell on everything, and the anxious worry in my stomach eased almost immediately.

This is the main thing that has lead me to confirm they have had a very positive impact on me. Six weeks in, there is definitely more calmness in my head, and I feel I’m coping better with everyday worries. Almost like I know everything will work out.

The only difference I’ve made to my normal routine is taking Zenflore, so it has to be these that have made me much more calm. I’m going to continue taking them as I can’t see any reason as not too!

You can find out much more information and full reviews over on this website here.


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