My Energise Thunder Blue Sports Leggings From Love Leggings

Nothing re-energies me like new gym wear. It’s that feeling of putting on new, stylish workout wear which feels fitted and empowering that really enhances my workout.

Recently, I was lacking in the legging department. All my leggings seem to be black, with the exception of a few bright coloured ones which just aren’t quite ‘me’. However, I’ve opted for a new pair which sit under the ‘thunder blue’ colourway, and I think I’ve found my new favourite pair!

These new Energise Thunder Blue 7/8 Sport Leggings of mine are from Love Leggings – an online retailer specialising in leggings for everyday wear and fashion, sports leggings, and a large range of hosiery.

I was drawn to them when I saw them on the Love Leggings website, looking sporty yet stylish and incredibly well fitting. They are performance-enhancing leggings made from a lightweight fabric, in which the site says they ‘offer full support and compression where needed most’.

When they arrived, I thought I’ll simply be the judge here, a girl desperately in need of a new pair of performance leggings which I like the look and feel of.

When I first put these on, I realised they are super figure-enhancing. It must be the seam design which provides extra support. But either way, my usual child-like figure looked more shapely and ‘fit’. Almost like second skin, which supports me!

They are pretty versatile too – there’s a couple of times since when I’ve threw on a baggy sweater and ankle boots and gone out for the day in these. No gym or workout place in site!

They come is a length that sits as 7/8, finishing perfectly above the ankle. I’m only 5 ft 3, so these are perfect for shorter ladies like me!

I think it’s the general deepness and unique feel to the Thunder Blue shade that makes me love these a little too much, too. I feel like they pair nicely with grey, black, white, cream and navy – the main colours I wear for the gym. You can tell I’m not into my bold brights can’t you!

The above photos show me wearing these leggings during a hardcore spinning class, followed by the photos below, during a more peaceful yoga session.

For both activities, the leggings felt super supportive and almost like they ‘hold me in’ a little. And due to them being made from 72% nylon and 28% Elastane, they are quick drying, so I didn’t have that awkward feeling of sweatiness or that I need to ‘dry off’! Sorry, I know that sounds awful, but you know what I mean…

The leggings cost £28, and I know I’ll be getting so much wear out of these. Durable, strong and flexible in a sassy shade – yep, my perfect pair right there!

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