A Day At MADE Wellness Centre at Moddershall Oaks

A couple of weeks ago, I saved aside a Friday to spend the day checking out the newest wellness centre launch in Staffordshire. MADE, at Moddershall Oaks, is by far one of the loveliest places I’ve had the joy of spending a day at, so lets take a look at exactly what MADE is before I share some photos of my day experience.

MADE is a wellness centre situated on the grounds of Moddershall Oaks, aiming to create a happier, healthier everyday life through discovery, encouragement & positivity.

MADE launched back in August 2018, becoming a place where you can work out, take part in exciting and motivating classes, carry out yoga and meditation, learn about healthy food and nutrition, and to be part of an inspiring wellness community.

MADE has arrived to bring you news & blogs, events & workshops, fitness classes & memberships, nutritional advice and wellness tips, all in this one beautiful building, along with its website.

Myself and a handful of UK influencers headed to MADE the other week to spend the day exploring exactly what the concept is. As I currently live in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, I was thrilled to be able to visit somewhere so local to me which promotes the same lifestyle aspects that I follow myself.

Firstly, before going any further, our point of contact for the day at MADE – Beth – was absolutley brilliant with ensuring we had a full 360 experience of what MADE has to offer. We began our day with delicious and nutritious juices, before I tucked into what I can only describe as a bowl of sunshine!

It was – in fact – a smoothie bowl packed with all the key fruits, seeds and nuts to kick-start what was about to become an extremely busy day! The MADE Cafe is one stunning place, beautifully decorated and has this lovely calm ambiance.

The menu for breakfast is fantastic – everything has been carefully thought through to provide both taste and nutrition, and since leaving MADE, I’ve been inspired to make my own smoothie bowls at home too.

A few of us had the fruit smoothie bowls to start out day, while others enjoyed the smashed avocado toast option. I took in the menu while being there, and noticed some very healthy, yet fun and tasty juices.

From the ‘Cleansing Green’ Kale, spinach, lemon, apple, cucumber, ginger concoction to the ‘Charcoal Lemonade’ made with activated charcoal, sparkling water, lemon and pink salt, I was literally drooling!

Other breakfast options which drew me in included the ‘Glowing’ smoothie of Blueberries, raspberries, agave, almond butter, almond milk, the porridge bowls with mountains of healthy toppings, and the ‘Snickers Towers’ – a thick chocolate mylkshake with maca, coconut yoghurt, crushed and peanuts. OH MY GOD.

After running through the events of the day, which I’ll touch on very soon, we were about to take a tour of the place, along with checking out Moddershall Oaks too.

We firstly had good look around everything that MADE has to offer. With the range of fun fitness classes and activities, we checked out the four bespoke workout zones, designed to appeal to fitness novices and enthusiasts alike.

The Boutique Fitness Gym is a fantastic almost private looking gym, packed with a large range of custom-made fitness equipment. There’s also a Outdoor Training Terrace, complete with 150m2 of cushioned astro turf . Think of boot-camp style workouts, stretching and sunrise yoga sessions.

Then there is the Cycling Cave – a dimly lit room with stripes of bold bright neon lights to provide a fun, immersive and exciting way of exercising.

The room was freezing, which I soon learnt is because you get very very sweaty during the spinning classes! It has a fab atmospheric décor and vibrant LED lights to really work with the whole hi-tech performance bikes set up.

Then, there is an airy and bright Functional Studio, completing the fitness offering. With open views of the Staffordshire countryside, it’s an inspiring and motivating space, with a fitted floor to provide the perfect level of ‘bounce’ for those weight lifting and barre classes!

MADE also has two treatment rooms, housing the very best in sports recovery, rehabilitation, hypnotherapy, nutrition consultations and GP referrals.

And of course, the Wellness Café at MADE which I just highlighted. A place that avoids refined sugars and makes healthy eating fun and inspirational – a place I’m dying to re-visit.

We also took a tour of the incredible Moddershall Oaks. I’ve been here for weddings before and it sure is a beauty of a location. The large lake and woodland walks make it have that whimsical and magical feel.

If I ever get married, I’m booking this place, pronto!

Some of the photos below are from the outdoor spa and relaxation area at Moddershall Oaks, too. Obviously, when around spa areas you have to be really careful with taking photos when people are there enjoying their relax.

So here’s a couple capturing the outdoor hot tub pool (it was such a cold day and you could see the heat rising from the pool – so indulging!).

Once our tour was over, we kick-started with a fast paced, 30 minute Spin class, to experience a taster of a typical workout class.

It was fast and hard work, I won’t lie. I usually specialise in cardio when I work out, but spin classes are a thing I don’t attend often. But with the fast old school club classics blaring out, the customisation of the spin bikes, the screens to watch your progression and the disco vibes of the room, this one was incredibly fun!

Hard work of course, we all left very sweaty…

We followed this with a beginners class in Yoga. Now I do enjoy Yoga, I’m just extremely un-flexable, so I always prefer a slower paced, beginners style class even though I’ve been on many yoga retreats before.

The tutor, Talitha, took us through a range of different moves and techniques, including breathing and posture practices. A perfect way to practice strength and poise after the fast paced spin class.

When it was lunch time, I went for the Tofu healthy bowl with wild rice, broccoli, spinach, kidney beans, cashew nuts and a tasty peanut dressing. Again, the lunch choices are excellent. So many healthy beans, veggies, seeds and protein all packed into buddha bowls.

You could go for chicken, halloumi, poached eggs or salmon toppings, but I decided to go for Tofu on this occasions. The bowls were so filling, and in general I just felt so much better that I knew I was getting all my goodness out of my meals so far.

Once our food has settled, we took part in a rather gruelling kettlebell class workout. Now I was a little afraid of this to begin with – it’s no lie I’m a bit of a weakling! However, our trainer let us select the weights we were comfortable with, and ran the workout to make sure we were all comfortable with the moves.

We did some warm ups and general routing practice first, before heading outside for some group work exercises. I’ve never really gotten into the whole squatting, snatch, jerk and all sorts associated with kettlebells, so this was such a learning curve for me!

It’s safe to say my arms were aching the next day…

After enjoying some rather delicious healthy energy balls and a soya milk latte, I had to shoot off to get to Manchester before the rest of the group embarked on an outdoor bootcamp session.

Honestly, the day was just fantastic from start to finish. I feel like the whole group experienced everything associated with what MADE can offer, and what a fabulous, energising place it really is.

You can attend the classes, visit the cafe or workshops as one offs, or look into membership. Everything is all highlighted on the website.

I know for sure that I’ll be back – not only just because I live 20 minutes away, but as it’s literally the most uplifting place I’ve visited in a long while!

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