Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Review

There has been a key product recently that has made it into my ‘must-haves’ list, especially during the party season. I’ve recently been trying out the gorgeous all-in-one body radiance creams from Melanie Mills, and wow – these are the creme de la creme of all over shimmer body products! 

In a nutshell, these beautiful tubes help get glowing, sexy skin in an instant, with the Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills Hollywood. I have a set of 3, which contain shades Opalescence, Disco Gold and Peach Deluxe.

I’d heard about Gleam Body Radiance being a revolutionary all in one Makeup, Moisturizer & Glow for body and face, so lets see how I find them…

Basically, I’m a makeup artist alongside being a blogger and influencer, and more and more often I’ve seen a rise in makeup clients wants a sexy gleam to their decolletage, collar bones and shoulders. I used to use the Radiance Veil primer from Illamasqua, or MAC Prep + Primer in Shimmer lightly misted on the skin, which both are excellent products.

However, when I started trying out these Gleam Body Radiance creams, I got totally smitten. They are so light and creamy, with the dreamiest, most radiant and glowing shimmer pigments. 

I currently have the Gleam on the Go set, so I have three 30 ml size tubes in the three shades you can see below. I find that for that icy, silvery glittering shimmer to the collar bones and top of the cheeks under makeup, the Opalescence is the perfect one. It blends into the skin beautifully and works a dream. 

The Disco Gold and the Peach Deluxe are definitely better for the Summer, as they add that light bronze tone to the skin, warming up the complexion yet adding a depth of illumination and radiance. 

In a nutshell, here’s what they do:

Full-Body Highlight – these formulas are perfect as a body glow, body shimmer, body bronzer and body highlighter all in one!

Body & Leg Makeup – Body Radiance has the added benefit of blurring imperfections on the entire body, also known as “liquid pantyhose”

Transfer Resistant – they have a long-lasting formula which stays put and won’t stain the skin or clothing. Simply wash off with soap & water.

Flattering on all Skin Tones – every shade is a different look and any skin tone can use any shade. See our shade videos and chart below.

6 Shades – Darker shades are perfect for contour, bronzing, and vamping up a tan on lighter skin. Lighter shades are perfect for glow and POP!

As you can see from the swatches above, you only need a teeny amount of product to go a long long way. The pigments are intense and the texture extremely rich, so a little bit can be applied to the skin and blended in with the fingertips, or with a makeup brush, depending on the type of finish you require.

For my makeup clients, I lightly use a stippling brush when blending these into the collar bones and chest/shoulders. However, when I apply it to myself, and add a little bit to my primer as a highlighter, I just blend into my face with my fingertips.

It’s really up to you! You can blend them into foundations, but there really is no need to do so with body lotions or oils are the creams are a product which work tremendously on their own…

The swatch above is the Peach shade, and the below is the Disco Gold…

My favourite has to be the shimmering silver/white shade above. It’s literally dreamy, and perfect for Christmas and New Year! 

All three of these are now in my professional makeup kit, and all my clients have fell in love with them as soon as they have seen the velvet-like perfection of the finished result. 

Take a look at the website here for prices and stockist info. 

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