Meaningful and Creative Ways to Remember a Loved One

The loss of a loved one is always painful. In the early months of the year – like January and February – it can seem a little worse, just after the festive season has passed.

How we remember and commemorate people we loose is deeply personal. While some people prefer never to speak about their loss, others are comforted by memorialising someone they loved and cared for very much. As ‘morbid’ as it can sound, that’s why we have gravestones, statues, and photos of people we lost in cemeteries and at our homes.

Silicone Bracelets

It can become a topic not a lot of people want to talk about as they worry they will sound a little depressing to people, therefore it sparked the need to put this little article together. There are so many thoughtful and lovely ways to remember our loved ones, and one of the most popular commemorative items people use which you might be familiar with is the silicone bracelet.

Charities and nonprofit organizations give away these bracelets with the advocacy plastered on them. It’s a way to show support to a cause. For some families who prefer to don a piece of jewellery in memorializing someone they lost, this is a practical way of remembering their loved one.

Memorial Garden

Do you have a backyard where you can grow plants and flowers? Maybe you can start a memorial there. A corner lot would be more than fine. Here you can put flowers and plants that the departed loved one would have liked to see. If their body was cremated, you could pour some of the ashes on that corner lot.

In some instances, you can name a tree after your loved one. There are plenty of farms that offer that option. All you have to do is to make a small donation. In exchange, a tree will be named after your departed loved one.

Meaningful Jewellery

Jewellery is a lovely idea because it means you can wear it daily, and keep the meaning close to you. How about a locket with the person’s picture in it? Some people have chose to wear a small vial around their neck containing that person’s ashes. This way, you’ll get to keep them with you at all times.

If this is the route you want to take, make sure to talk to a reputable jeweller about the kind of jewellery you need. If it’s going to hold ashes, the vial should be well sealed yet not too heavy for everyday wear. You wouldn’t want your loved one’s ashes to go to waste. It is also worth choosing the best metal that works best for your lifestyle.

Think about not taking it off-what could be the best metal for that? Gold? Platinum? Silicon?

Other jewellery options include initial necklaces and bracelets, where you can wear the initials of a loved one on a necklace or bracelet chain. And of course, brooches are fabulous ideas.


Nope, this isn’t just about commissioning a painting of your loved one. Artists today are finding different ways to commemorate a loved one. Some use the person’s ashes to create glass pieces. You can of course go the traditional route and have their portraits painted. Or you can have a piece of art made of them, sculpted and placed in the memorial garden as mentioned above.

Have a search online for some unique art which acts as a memory piece.

Donating to Charity

How about donating to a cause close to your departed loved one’s heart? Maybe they loved dogs, in which you could donate or volunteer for animal shelters. If you have the money for it, you can start a small charity named after your loved one.

Consider donating on their behalf regularly, especially during their birthday and death anniversary.

Losing someone will always be painful. You carry that loss forever. It’s a given that tour life will never be the same. But perhaps by memorialising them, you can help keep them in your memories, fondly and forever. It’s about trying to find a lovely way of keeping them close, and having them with you daily, whether by looking at something or wearing it. Their are more creative options launching by the day!

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