A Day at the Rena Spa at The Midland Hotel, Manchester

What better way to spend a dull, lousy week day in January, than heading off for a relaxing spa day? I struggle to think of anything that excites me as much, as lets face it, spa days are right up there when it comes to days out.

I find that I probably get asked for spa recommendations via DM’s on Instagram around four times a week. I also get asked by friends and family in person regularly too, and it fills me with excitement when I start sharing my favourites. I have loads, but one that always sticks in my head is the spa at The Midland Hotel. It is literally incredible, and means you don’t have to venture far out for that slice of luxury.

The Rena spa at The Midland Hotel comes complete with a thermal pool, jacuzzi, spa treatments, a Himalayan Salt block sauna, steam room and it’s very own plush relaxation room (which is one of my highlights, but more on that later).

The quality, ambiance and luxury you get from The Midland spa is something you would expect from a country retreat spa nestled away in the hills somewhere in the Lake District, or The Cotswolds. I always forget I’m splat bang in the center of Manchester when I arrive.

I headed here with my friend Charlotte, in which we had a lovely tour of the spa just before we excitedly got into our slippers and robes, looking forward to a few hours of pure bliss and relaxation.

Our day was planned out to look a little like this: Arrive at 10am, spend 10-12 in the jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna and steam room, before heading back to reception for midday, ready for our Divine Body Massages. Then we had lunch booked in at 2pm, where we could leisurely use the relaxation rooms and facilities around this time as we pleased. How bloomin’ lovely!

It’s a little difficult and also not too ‘polite’ to take photos when on a spa day, so I did limit them during my visit. However, hopefully you’ll be able to get an idea of how gorgeous this place is, and how tranquil and serene the pool area is.

After sitting in the jacuzzi bubblin’ away until our skin was shrinking, we spent a good while nattering in the sauna and steam room before headinf for our midday massages. It was a nice touch to both be brought into the same double treatment room, which reminded me of those who book spa days as a gift for their mums or other halves.

This treatment is a Caudalie treatment, which I was pleased to discover as I personally love Caudalie. My heavy shoulders and aching back was more than in need for the signature Caudalie massage, in which the therapist explained how they she was going to use the award-winning divine oil, after we agreed on a medium pressure.

The medium pressure techniques were incredible – so gentle yet firm enough to soothe away tension and re-boost my energy. It was a full top to toe full body massage where the oil was applied after being heated, so it was quite a ‘hot’ body massage which was even more welcome during this chilly month!

Afterwards, we both left with luxuriously softened and moisturised skin, smelling lightly of delicate roses, grapefruit, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar and white musk.

Our therapists took us into the relaxation room, where we spent a little while just chilling out in the swinging pods, sipping of floral teas. After a while, we switched to lemon and mint water, and took ourselves to the private ‘bed’ type relaxation areas, where we could just chat away and catch up in our own little private area.

Honestly, I can never quite rave about this relaxation room enough. It is exactly what heaven must be like. Beds, swinging cocoon pods, tea and water on tap, dimmed lights, snuggly chairs, and most importantly, silence! The decor and atmosphere is this room just make it one of the best I’ve ever visited.

After almost falling to sleep, we made it for our 2pm lunch booking, where we could stay in our cosy gowns and slippers. Here, you can enjoy Afternoon Tea, or go for an option of food platters. We went for the Protein Platter and the Superfood Platter, each featuring an array of sandwiches, soup, salad and cake, giving you a healthy(ish) variety of food.

Mine came with a sweet potato soup which was just delicious, real thick and creamy, with a side of ham sandwiches. The quinoa and pomegranate salad that came with it was a nice healthy addition, along with a chunk of sweet lemon load cake. Mmmmmmm! Of course, I also chose to wash this down with a sparkling glass of bubbly.

There were a few tables around us that had gone for the Afternoon Tea option, which looked very elegant with it’s stacks of large scones and tasty cakes.

The relaxing experience comes in at £99 per person if you book Mon-Thurs, or £119 if you book for a weekend date, where you are also treated to a £10 voucher redeemable on any spa products available.

This spa is ultimately one of my favourites, and really goes beyond expectation for a city centre spa. All you need is to throw in a luxury overnight stay in the hotel too, and you’ve got a pretty damn special experience waiting for you!

All the staff were extremely polite and welcoming, and made the visit the best experience. A fabulous day!

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