Macro Calculator: A Macro Diet Planner to weight loss

We live in a world heavily dominated by technology and complex software applications. It is a simple fact that these tools have made life a lot easier and convenient for us. The latest craze lies within weight loss goals, therefore below, we’re talking about Marco diet planners and discovering exactly what these are:

Losing weight is a big challenge for almost everyone. The biggest problem is that there are no shortcuts for losing weight. You have to stop eating fatty foods, develop a healthy routine with exercising as a key part and perform numerous other tasks. However, even before that, you have to do effective planning.

Weight Loss Goals are the key

Losing weight is a decision varying from person to person. An individual who has gained more than 20 kilos would want to shed them off while another person would simply want to reduce 2 kilos.

This obviously increases the importance of a complete diet plan. This plan would use the desired weight loss target as the benchmark, including exercise.

For instance, someone who wants to reduce 2 kilos or even maintain the weight would be in a position to eat fried food after every one or two days. This liberty would not be provided to someone who wants to shed off 20 kilos.

Such a person would have to quit fried food on a complete scale. Thus, in an overall manner, a diet plan helps you reduce weight in a simple and organized manner.

The key role of a macro calculator

A macro calculator provides you with key values helping with productive weight loss. You can find Macros Calculator on

  • Losing weight is not about burning calories only. In addition to that, knowing about the calorie count is not sufficient information. Every meal comprises of carbs, fat and proteins. To start with, you need to have a weight loss target in mind. For instance, consider that you need to shed off 10 kilos.
  • Using a macro calculator, you have to provide relevant details about yourself. These include weight, height, physical activity level and other key details. Physical activity level refers to the level of exercise an individual has on daily basis. If someone is a regular workout person, his level of physical activity would be high. When all the details have been entered, a macro calculator would provide you with daily numerical targets. These targets are elaborated in the form of carbs, proteins and fat.
  • Through a macro calculator, you can get daily targets and this makes it a lot easier to lose weight. This digital tool provides you with the carbs, fat and proteins you can consume every day. This calculation is based on the details you have provided and the weight loss target you have in mind. In addition to that, you also get to know about the calories which have to be burnt every day.  If you are not using a proper digital tool, you would be relying on estimation.
  • This is not smart thinking by any means. Before you start your weight reduction plan, having proper targets and estimates is important. A quality macro calculator eliminates the need for any macro calculations. Simply enter your details and the macro calculator would elaborate all the details on your screen.

Weight loss goals and tips are person specific

Weight loss goals and tips are not person specific. It is important to have a plan specific to your body structure, age, physical structure and other parameters. A macro calculator uses various person specific inputs and then determines the weight loss targets which an individual has to achieve.

  • Let us go through a proper example to gather complete understanding. Consider that you want to reduce 15 kilos and are completely unaware of the calories that have to be burnt. A simple fact is that a macro calculator provides you with a lot more information than calorie count. To reduce weight, you have to keep a proper check on what you are eating. Randomly eating stuff is very damaging and even the best workout sessions would not prevent the gain of weight.
  • Every meal option is made of carbs, fats and proteins. To reduce weight in an effective manner, you need to have an exact count of all these three components. Considering the example mentioned above, a macro calculator would mention that you can have a maximum of 25% of carb. Along with that 25% of the total diet should be fats and the remaining 50% should be proteins. In this way, you would clearly know what can be eaten and the things which should be avoided. Hence, when you are having a meal, you can check the count of all these three factors. This would obviously prevent you from eating meals that can increase weight.

Exercising is a key part

A macro calculator does include the level of physical activity when the inputs are being interpreted. A person that has high physical activity would not have the same results as someone who is normally active. It is important to have a proper routine for working out and exercising. However, going to extremes is not the key.

You cannot obviously go to the gym on the very first day of the plan and start lifting weights. Thus, things have to be gradual.


Weight reduction cannot be done overnight by using a magic wand. Immense hard work, dedication and focus are needed to complete the needed tasks. To start with, you cannot eat anything you want when you are aiming at reducing weight. It is important to start with a plan and have everything well defined.

The best way is using a digital tool so that reliable results are attained. A macro calculator reduces a lot of effort which the user has to make if he is not using a digital tool. These days, no one has the time to sit with a pen and paper to prepare a diet plan.

Another key fact is that when you are using a digital tool, the results are correct figures instead of estimates. In an overall manner, it can be said that using a macro calculator is way more convenient than preparing a plan manually.

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