4 Ways to Glamorise Your Look for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is quickly approaching and you want to look glamorous when it arrives, right? Women often struggle with figuring out how to achieve this goal, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are little things to follow which can make such a big impact.

Consider the following four things as you plan your outfit for the day and you’ll find you look and feel your best throughout the event.


Choose accessories carefully for the big day. Consider wearing an understated pearl necklace, a classy item regardless of what it is worn with. Understated is best to ensure the necklace doesn’t take away from the beauty and glamour of the dress while still complimenting it. Add a pair of pearl earrings and head down the aisle.

This glamorous jewelry remains a classic for a reason. It goes well with any outfit and never appears outdated. In fact, every woman should have one set of pearls in her jewelry collection if nothing else.


The one glamorous item that every person owns is their smile. A smile shows emotion better than any other facial expression, and every bride should have it on their face the entire day.

To make the look truly glamorous, consider having the teeth whitened before the event. In fact, a smile can make up for other less perfect elements of a person’s look. When a person looks happy, others tend to focus on his or her face. Who doesn’t look happy on their wedding day? This helps to explain why every bride looks beautiful when walking down the aisle. She’s ecstatic, and it shows in her facial expression.

False Eyelashes

Play up your eyes by investing in false eyelashes. This industry has come a long way over the years, and false lashes now look realistic. In fact, most people can’t tell they are fake.

Choose individual lashes over the lash strip for a natural look, and pay a professional to apply them. This ensures the right look for the big day. However, schedule an appointment a few weeks in advance for a trial run. Doing so allows you to see if you are satisfied with the finished product or if changes need to be made for the event.

Airbrushed Makeup

Pictures are a part of any big event, and every participant wants to look his or her best in these photos. Consider working with a professional offering airbrushed makeup for the big day. This makeup application technique uses an airbrush system as opposed to brushes, sponges, or fingers to apply the cosmetic.

It allows for sheer to full coverage, depending on the level desired by the client, and the makeup is added in layers to ensure the perfect look. Brides love that they look their best not only for their pictures but also for their future spouse as they join in matrimony in front of family and friends.

As you want to look your best on the big day, be sure to do one or more trials runs with every aspect of your appearance. If you choose airbrushed makeup, have the makeup artist do your face a few weeks ahead of time. Changes can then be made if you aren’t completely happy. The same is true of the accessories you choose.

Head to the bridal shop and try them with your dress and veil to make sure the finished product is what you envisioned. If not, you’ll have time to try other accessories. Glamorous women don’t leave anything to chance and neither should you. Keep this in mind and you are sure to be thrilled with your appearance when the big day arrives.

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