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In an attempt to get back into a regular fitness regime and be back into work-out mode, I’ve recently been sporting a collection of workout wear from MyProtein, to spur me on and encourage me back into the fitness lifestyle.  I don’t know about you, but if I am kitted out in the right type of exercise clothing, I feel much more ready for performance and ready to put more effort into a work out session. For people like me who have a real strong interest in fitness and health, but tend to have busy lives which prevent regular gym sessions and workouts, I do find having a decent collection of endurance wear can be that little more motivating to make you jump into your gear and get on it!

Some of my recent purchases have included this MyProtein Women’s Printed Panel Zip Through Hoody and the Racer Back Scoop Vest, which comes with built in support. The vest top feels incredibly supportive, and even has a slightly tapered waist which pulls in my body slightly – actually making me look pretty good whilst working out! Which is encouraging when I head over to the mirrors armed with weights and have no where to look other than straight back at myself in the mirror reflection. That’s never usually the highlight of my gym work outs. I also love the back detailing of the vest – a pretty cool design feature and adds to the comfort this particular style gives.

The hooded top zips right up to my chin, keeping in the heat on my walk to the gym and during warm-ups when I first start a work out. I’m pretty impressed so far with the range of workout clothing at MyProtein – I wasn’t aware at one stage that they retailed such an extensive collection, but I’m really glad I’ve now discovered this. Next on my list is one of the overhead hoodies now the weathers getting a little colder, and I’ve seen a super snuggly grey style that looks ideal for me…

myprotein jacket
myprotein jacket
myprotein vest
myprotein workout kit
As well as working out in MyProtein clothing, I’ve started to get more into protein consumption to fuel my workouts and help with muscle repair. There’s a lot of speculation and myths around women and protein, with a few stereotypes of ‘overly ripped men’ taking over our thoughts (guess there’s no other way to put it! Or you could say overly bulked up…). I tend to find this stereotype puts us women off trying protein shakes and foods. I actually got on my soap box last week and put together a feature for The Zone, the MyProtein blog, where I busted the myths around this topic, and highlighted why Protein is actually an essential need when successfully working out. There are quite a few points which I brought to light, so why not head over to my feature and see what I uncovered?

In the meantime, I’ve been ridiculously enjoying a Natural Banana Whey Protein Powder shake with almond milk after my workouts lately, shaken up in my new protein shaker. Again, this is a new thing for me, as I’ve not really experienced protein shakes before and only ever went as far as consuming protein chocolate bars and sweeter snacks, which I admittedly love. But now I’ve discovered the range of flavoured protein powders, I literally can’t get enough of them! MyProtein have so many amazing flavours, such as Cherry and Salted Caramel, that a protein shake mixed with milk (or almond milk in my case) literally tastes like a dessert. If you keep fit regularly and often take part in gym sessions, at home work outs, exercise classes or outdoor activities, protein shakes are a great drink for straight after as they help to aid tissue growth and repair muscles. Protein is also fantastic for power, and after all, that’s what we all want when we work out!

myprotein shaker
myprotein shaker
myprotein shaker
I love my super cute pink protein shaker, and think I’m going to rather enjoy mixing up a concoction of flavours over the next few months once my Natural Banana has ran out.

Whilst I’m on the topic, another reason why I love protein chocolate bars, cereal bars and protein balls is because although they still taste really sweet and it seems like its treat time, the majority of protein ‘treats’ actually only contain a tiny amount of sugar, so you are actually cutting down on your sugar intake when consuming. Which I am more than happy with, as we all know sugar is the devil. A true nightmare for people like me who are born with a sweet tooth.

I hope this post has provided some inspiration or answered any questions regarding protein for girls and working out. Feel free to ask me any questions about protein and working out if you want any extra advice…

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