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winter fire

Today’s post is aimed to make you feel super cosy and excited about the Autumn season. I’m not too sure if it’s in aid to try and convince myself, but either way, I’m putting together all the positives about this cold snap season that has made an appearance rather quickly. There’s lots of things to look forward to now we are well into October and have the freezing cold November and December approaching, so here’s a few of my winter inspired thoughts…

One of the things I’m loving so far is the fact that I can start to hibernate away without feeling too guilty. Being a blogger means there are always events going on in the evenings, so if I pack my week up with these, I start squeezing in everything else in any other spare evenings. Drinks, dinner, visiting friends, shopping, nights out… and in all honesty, I sometimes just want to go home and sit in bed! Now it’s getting colder, it’s the perfect time of year to use the cold snap as an excuse to sack off any plans and just head home.

The smallest of things seem ten times more exciting: making a frothy hot chocolate in my favourite mug, indulging in home-made soup, digging out those over-sized fluffy slippers, and slipping on that unattractive dressing gown that resembles a bear due to being THAT furry!

I found some warming, cosy looking home mood boards online yesterday that I thought I’d share on here, which provide a little bit of inspiration for home items and decor that would work well for a super comfy Wintery home. October is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new cushion covers, spiced candles, a cuddly hot water bottle and other home items as in my eyes, it’s the season for enjoying the home. I mostly head to House of Fraser for a lot of my home items and living room accessories, as I find they stock a lot of different brands and designers, providing an overwhelming choice. I am especially in love with their range of candles, and have spied a stunning collection of scents from the Linear brand in Lemongrass and Ginger, Winter Berries and White Christmas.

Autumn Cozy


Autumn Lounge


It’s a really lovely time of year to invest in some really small home changes, one’s that will make your home become more of a welcoming wintery abode, and one you’ll look forward to cancelling plans and rushing home too. Simple things like changing your cushion covers to a faux fur or a deep autumnal shade, or purchasing a snugly throw to double up as a sofa decoration and a blanket to wrap yourself in.

I actually treated myself to a very cosy yet chic looking blanket for my home the other day, to drape over my sofa yet also to wrap around myself, for when my front room is going to start feeling a bit nippier. It’s a lovely premium fleece blanket in black, which looks and feels really premium. As it is from the brand Heat Holders, it’s perfect for wrapping up on those cold winter nights, with a 1.4 tog rating to keep in the heat. Its a generous size and has an incredible softness to touch. Definitely one of my staple Winter buys and a excellent example of one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the Winter!

cosy living room
heat holders
heat holders
snuggle ups
Another little accessory I got myself is also from Heat Holders – a pair of thermal gloves. I am usually terrible at scrimping on items like gloves, hats and scarves, picking up fairly cheap accessories just to get me through the cold yet actually not feeling the benefit. But not this time.

These snugly gloves are of a really thick texture and feel like they are stuffed with layers of warm padding, to keep fingers away from the frost. I have a half an hour walk to work after I have drove and parked my car (avoiding city centre car park costs for now!) so these are just the job for me. I can see myself purchasing the socks and the hats next too!

thermal gloves
thermal gloves
thermal gloves

In another attempt to get excited about Winter, I’ve also been stocking up on my tea collection, ready to ‘spice it up’ a little bit with the hot drinks. I always drink either Green Tea or Coffee, and desperately need a change. So lately I’ve been investing in Pukka Teas, and trying out some delicious new flavours like Liquorice, Ginger and Chamomile. I’ve started to really enjoy drinking them, meaning I’m looking forward to a season of sipping hot drinks indoors…

pukka teas

What are you looking forward to this Winter? Any new purchases you have made which excite you, or any little tips to share?

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