Lifestyle: What Starting a Lifestyle Blog Can Do for You

Lifestyle blogging is an important and emerging form of communication, yet I still find a lot of people don’t quite ‘get it’, or think its worthy.

There’s various ways of making a lifestyle blog work for you, so I wanted to put this little piece together to illustrate a few reasons. For one, bloggers are sharing information on specific topics and setting themselves apart as experts every day. And in doing so, they create an atmosphere of information and experience sharing that benefits anyone searching for a wide variety of topics.

Other non-tangible benefits of lifestyle blogging not to be overlooked are featured below. And whilst I’m on this topic, I’ve been running a lifestyle blog for over 8 years and it’s honestly the best thing I ever did, plus it’s carved my future…

Promotion of Higher Reader Engagement

People like other people’s stories, and people are nosy and interested, therefore lifestyle blogging lends itself to that in a natural and organic way. When your readers can relate to something you have put together, they will come back often because they find you interesting, or informative.

The value of repeat visitors is seen in statistics all across the internet. They increase affiliate link traffic, Affiliate negotiating power, and increased likelihood of purchases from your website. So whether you are a business, a retailer, a service, or a blogger in general, remember that your written content is the main connection to you and your audience.

Improved SEO Ranking

Google appreciates writing that sounds organic and offers the readers something of value. They of all search engines understand this on a deep level. They even say so in their General Guidelines, and Google loves nothing more than relevant information.

The main purpose of SEO is to boost your blog’s visibility, therefore, push it to the top-ranking slots. Because of the personable style of lifestyle posts, they are helpful to everyone, so they’re good for your SEO. If you carefully produce blog posts than answer peoples search questions, and make sure it is relevant, you’ll *hopefully* find yourself ranking high for your chosen topic.

Strong Accessibility to a Broad Audience

Because lifestyle topics are general, every person who sees the link to your blog could be interested enough to click. Yes, knowing your audience is important, but so is making your message available to a broad audience. It’s a balancing act that can be achieved with minimal effort. Thus, when readers click through, they get information that is relevant to them and, perhaps, their friend or neighbour.

Lifestyle covers a wide area: food, fashion, fitness, travel, sport, beauty, cooking, holidays…. make your blog content relate-able to a wide audience, so they feel you cover various areas.

Tailored to a Modern User Mentality

Readers like information in bite-sized morsels. Most visitors are not likely to read a lengthy article even if the information in it is high quality and valuable. Why else have a lot of bloggers (like myself) took the next step and ventured into video, or quality photography?

If the information you give is in smaller bites, you can post more often and keep readers coming back for more – think series posts. They will be more likely to click through and read the whole article if you strip away the fluff and get to the point.

How-to pieces and list posts, illustrated with video clips or clear imagery, will always work well for your blog.

Attract New Customers

Every time you research a product or service before handing over your money, you increase that blog or website’s visibility. By blogging about items and services you have you used, or you sell, it helps others make decisions. And soooo many people turn to the internet for reviews before buying!

When you engage a potential customer with relatable information, the chances of them making a purchase on your site increases. You have just gained a new customer because of your story. It is a powerful way to drive traffic to your purchase page.

A couple of ways to accomplish this through lifestyle blogging are: (from Search Engine Journal)

  • Show and Tell What Your Business Can Do – a blog can also act as a dynamic, attractive portfolio. For companies where proof of past success is everything, it’s important to have an easy way to show potential clients what kinds of results they can expect.
  • Turn Your Website Into a Destination – one strategy for business blogging is to create a site that people want to read at their leisure. While some business blogs are going to be need-based (think legal, financial, or tax-related blogs), plenty of businesses can create want-based blogs that people will be interested in reading during their spare time.
  • While need-based blogs focus on providing answers and immediately connecting readers with solutions you can offer, want-based blogs may focus more on stimulating demand for something your readers didn’t know they wanted at first (think clothing, food, and beauty products). The key is to make your content interesting and engaging enough that people will want to read them for fun. Over time, you can create a connection with your readers through the tone and content of the blog and foster brand loyalty.

In addition to generating interest and boosting your SEO, lifestyle blogging benefits the writer in a number of other ways, too:

Emotional Catharsis

When you write about what you are going through, you can release the emotions and you can offer a new way of thinking to others. Some of the most successful bloggers I know are very open about their lives online, and have built a community of online fans based on this.

Writing is therapy, so it’s never a bad thing…

Learn New Things

As you begin to articulate your thoughts, you will discover things about yourself and what you don’t know, you can research. You get to both learn and teach.

I have learnt a tonne of things since lifestyle blogging. From photography, to recipes, to video and even editing, my skills have gone through the roof. I’ve also learnt how to write to engage people – and you can clearly see the improvement over the years on What Emma Did.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Blogging is a great way to sharpen your written and spoken words. You’ll refresh your grammar and communication techniques, because with every post, you’ll want to check it, and double check it. And hey, even triple check it. No one likes grammatical errors!

It can also bring you out of your shell a little. Sure, blogging lets you hide behind a laptop and make online friends and create an online persona, but eventually you’ll end up at events and meetings, where you have to step up, represent you and your blog, and grow in confidence.

Introduce Yourself to a Community

Lifestyle blogging gives you the chance to reach out to like-minded individuals or businesses, thus creating connection and expanding your circle of influence. I have so many friends through the blogging world, and in all honesty, they ‘get’ me more than my other friends!

I’ve also built up relationships with brands, companies and services, which have either helped my blog and my business, or just improved my personal life in some way.

Develop a Personal Brand

When you blog about what you know, you set yourself up as an expert and create a platform for your message and personal branding.

Creating a lifestyle blog is beneficial no matter who you want to reach or how you want them to engage. Effective blogging will help you start attracting and nurturing leads, then capturing and engaging new viewers and potential customers with your product or message.

Now what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to WordPress and get creating your own blog!

(Dress from What Emma Did Boutique, Kimono from Label Mix)


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