Beauty: The Hero Project Vit C-30 Ultra Brightening Serum Review

If you’ve been reading any of my beauty posts for a while, you may know that I complain about my complexion quite a lot really, mainly for being dull and pigmented.

It started when I lived in Sydney, Australia, a couple of years back. I was pretty stupid and loved the thought of having a nice bronzed, sun-kissed face, one which the sun would naturally clear and dry up any spots I had.

So its fair to say I spent a lot of time with this face of mine in the sun. Little did I know the amount of pigmentation that would haunt me forever…

I’m always seeking out brightening products, so I decided to give the highly raved about Vit C-30 Ultra Brightening Serum from The Hero Project a go.

I’ve been aware of it for a while, hearing countless reviews about how it’s super duper for brightening dull skin and kicking pigmentation in the a*s. Worth a shot, plus I’ve tried a couple of products from The Hero Project before, and they were absolutely brilliant (full review here if you’re interested!).

The two photos above show my face when wearing a very sheer and light application CC cream, after I’ve been giving this serum a go for 4 weeks.

So what does this product do, and why is it so highly raved about? Well lets take a look…

In a nutshell, the Vit C-30™ from The Hero Project aims to pack a powerful punch of Vitamin C into your skincare regime, working on anti-aging, brightening, improving the look of fine lines and sagging skin, and helping protect from further damage.

It delivers an impressive dual tightening and brightening effect due to it’s substantial 30% Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid – which is stabilised Vitamin C in other words – ensuring long-lasting effectiveness and maximum results.

Because it is packed with antioxidant protection and skin brightening benefits, it also works to improve tone, suppleness and clarity while combating the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the things I reeeeally love about this brands is how The Hero Project use a lot of natural ingredients, and this product in particular is free from parabens, sulphates, alcohol and mineral oil. It’s also vegetarian and vegan friendly, making it fine to use for pretty much everyone!

Some of the natural extracts in this serum includes Grapefruit and Lemon, and you can smell a light, subtle citrus scent when you drop the serum onto your fingertips.

I literally use this by applying 3-4 drops after cleanings my face, neck and upper chest morning and night, gently massaging the serum in. I’ll be honest, you do get a slight tingling feeling upon application, which is just a sure fire sign it’s working, and it doesn’t actually give any redness or discomfort. The tingling lasts about 30 seconds and then it just fades away (and I think this just happens to me because my skin is so sensitive and you’re using a high amount of vitamin C in this product…)

So, after 4 weeks of using this, I’m not going to say my deep set pigmentation and dark freckles have clearer up, because I think I’d have to have some form of laser to achieve those results. But, my skin is so much less congested, clearer, brighter, and those light brown freckles/recent red acne marks have literally vanished!

I’ve noticed I’ve needed less foundation, because I’m so much happier letting my brighter, clearer skin come through – hence using a CC cream set with powder instead of full coverage foundation.

If you suffer dull, pigmented, ageing skin, I’d highly recommend introducing this serum into your regime, morning and night, for at least 4 weeks. It takes a while to see visible improvements, but in my case, the improvements did happen and I really did notice an uplift to the clarity of my complexion.

It’s a treat to use and I’m genuinely impressed with it. Another product from The Hero Project I can safely say is a hero!

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