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As most of you know, I do a lot of bridal makeup at the weekends, and it’s something I am extremely passionate about. I’m yet to figure out if I’m this passionate because I genuinely love doing makeup artistry, or if I just also love a bloody good wedding. Or perhaps its both!

There’s just something about the buzz and excitement the morning of the wedding. The bride, her bridesmaids, friends and family all excited about the dress, and getting their makeup done to look their very best all day.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the latest bridal trends I’ve picked up for Summer 2018 and the upcoming A/W 2018, which I’m personally loving…

In a nutshell, brides are going much more sophisticated for their weddings, but are trying any way possible to bring a touch of ‘wow’ and unexpected glamour to their big days. They are either doing this with the dress, the makeup/hair, an entertainment or food touch, or even the cars they are transported in.

Although there is a little shift in wedding venues, with many more outdoor weddings taking place, with yurts, open fields and festival styles, the traditional classic wedding venue is very much still strong. Hotels, halls, castles, manor houses…. the bride is still very much wanting the tradition.

But with makeup, brides are getting more experimental. Brides are becoming more open to their bridesmaids all sporting different shades on their eyes and lips, un-matching hairstyles, and even going a little more dramatic with their faces.

I’m actually noticing a rise with brides asking for a kind of ‘glowing metallic’ colour palette to be used for their bridal makeup. You can’t beat the traditional warm browns and neutral shades, but then there is something more pretty and glamorous about playing with gleaming metallics, shimmering shades and bright eyed looks.

The new Barry M Deluxe Metals eyeshadow palette has been coming with me a lot so far this year, throughout my 2018 weddings. I’m finding a lot of ladies are loving the high shine, highly pigmented warm browns and deep purple metallic shades, as well as a real glistening, striking gold.

You can still blend all these deluxe metal shadows lightly into all the classic creams, browns and bronze shades, so the look isn’t ‘too much’ – I’ve shared a few photos above and below of me wearing a soft bridal look with this palette, perfect for weddings…

The eyeshadow palette costs just £7.49, and here’s a secret: dip a damp Q tip into the shadows and use to line your lower eyelids. The result is a real intense, shimmery and metallic shade, left glistening under the eye for an alternative to eyeliner.


Another big trend I’ve noticed – and one I have to say I absolutely adore – is the use of classic cars to give that vintage sophistication theme to their weddings.

The cars are going much more classic, back to the older eras, but with a ‘fashionable’ twist. Think VW style camper vans for transporting the bride and groom, in fresh creams and sage greens. Keeping it girly, fresh, vintage and chic…. it’s just lovely!

VW campers are a fantastic idea in my opinion, especially as the choice of classic car for the newly wed couple to leave the church in. It gives that shabby-chic look, but shows a lot of individual thought, and can really reflect the personalities of the couple (especially if they love festivals or the vintage life!).

There is so much wedding car hire inspiration available over at BookAClassic

I’ve also noticed a super cute addition to classic cars being used for weddings, in the form of retro Fiat 500’s! Just like the one in the below photo. How adorable are these? Such a sweet Italian touch, with that classic retro feel.

I used to drive Fiat 500’S before diving into the world of Audi’s, so I have a special place for Fiat 500 cars, but I never thought too much about the classic versions to be used at weddings.

But how amazing do they look? There is something extra special about these super small cars, and they’ll give wedding photos that extra touch of uniqueness.

BookAClassic lets you browse a range of beautiful classic cars as they are a professional hire company, uploading their extensive range of vehicles onto the site for rent.

Users can book cars for weddings, parties, proms and also for self-drive, so for those who fall in love with these treasured cars at weddings, they can actually take the idea away and use them for a range of other options…

There is definitely a shift in trends when it comes to weddings, leaning towards the older, traditional classic cars, and opting for something that stands out for the big day.

Brides are becoming a little more savvy with what they can bring to their big day in order to be more individual, and I’m sure seeing it across beauty and transport for sure.

Do you get married this year or next? Do you agree with my thoughts? Do feel free to let me know in the comments!

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  1. May 23, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    That pink lip color looks really lovely. You guys look great! Btw, we have four hotels in Manhattan. You should totally stop by one day! ✿


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