Beauty: Andrew Barton Professional Haircare at ASDA Review

I just wanted to put this super quick post together this morning, as a lot of you have been asking me questions about this hair care range after I featured it on Instagram.

Sooooo… I posted a photo over on my Instagram sporting a cleaner, brighter shade of blonde hair, and mentioned I had been using the range of hair care products from Andrew Barton Professional, available as ASDA.

In a nutshell – the last time I had my hair highlighted, it felt a little more brassy than before. Just a bit more yellow-ish and warm, and I just wanted to get my hair care routine updated a little to get my creamier, cooler blonde back.

I’ve been using the Ultimate Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and I just want to stress first of all that these aren’t like the purple shampoos and toning conditioners – they don’t neutralise the hair instantly, where you need to be careful about how long you leave them on due to the fear of ending up grey/white! (not dissing purple shampoos, I actually love them and they’ve rescued my locks a fair few times, but you have just got to be careful!)

BUT: they clean up the blonde hair, removing those harsh brassy notes, and transform blonde hair into a sharper, brighter shade with continued use.

You don’t have to worry about leaving them on too long and risking those grey tinges (or even blue!) – they just refresh my blonde perfectly.

The best bit? They cost £5 a pop from ASDA! I’ve also been using the Heat Protection Spray, because I blow dry my hair every other day and tend to use a wand on my hair daily now, meaning way too much heat application.

Another product I’ve been playing with is the Andrew Barton Volumising Mousse – a lightweight mousse I apply to the roots of my hair when my hair is towel dried, and then I blast my hair with my hairdryer upside down.

It’s a nice product – it does exactly what the pricier volumising mousse’s do for my hair, except this one costs just £4 (it’s actually reduced at ASDA for £3 at the moment – wooo!)

So there you go, I hope this post helps a little and answers some of those questions!

Emma x

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