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Here is a blog post that I’m sure will be appreciated by all the busy workers and commuters out there, who are all too familiar with carrying around a trusty old flask. I for one am a self confessed hot drink addict. I can’t decide if I lean more towards coffee or tea, but I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as I can drink it piping hot first thing in the morning on my mad dash to work. Once I’v had my hot drink fix, I’m that little bit more set up for the day.

I’m quite lucky I can drive to work every morning, however, we all know what rush hour traffic is like, and I find myself sat in queues of traffic drumming my finger nails impatiently. And there’s the moment I reach for my flask, to wake my body up with a shot of caffeine. So imagine the disappointment when your flask coffee goes – god forbid – COLD!

Recently, I was set a challenge with Genuine Thermos, to test out the Stainless King Beverage Flask which claims to keep drinks hot for 24 hours, or keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours. So lets get this straight: I’ll be making a fresh pot of delicious coffee in the morning. The following morning, when 24 hours have passed, I’ll pour the coffee from the flask into the lid (or the Genuine Thermos Brand 470ml Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler as a morning mug, or I’ll test it in my favourite kitchen mug… I can mix it up I guess) and see if the coffee has stayed warm for 24 hours, as part of the #OvernightChallenge. Sounds crazy, right? Well let’s see…

thermos overnight coffee
As you can see, fresh coffee has been poured into my shiny new Genuine Thermos Brand 1.2L Vacuum Insulated Beverage Flask – that’s the tall black flask in my photos. It was Wednesday morning, at 7.30am before I left my house to go to work. Today is Thursday morning, and I got up early doors to pour the coffee out before leaving to go to work, to put this flask to the test. Just how hot can my coffee stay after sitting in the flask all night?

Surprisingly – and I am very happy to announce – the coffee poured out hot! And I don’t mean ‘lukewarm’ in terms of ‘oooh it’s a little bit warm and it will do’, I genuinely mean I poured an actual cup of hot coffee. Lovely and warming. Like I had poured it from a freshly brewed coffee machine. So the flask did exactly what is says on the tin! Brilliant news for those rushed mornings when I want to be ahead of myself and prepare my coffee the day before.

Another benefit that sprung to my mind is just how handy this will be for those camping trips, festivals, or long car journeys across the country. Imagine the happiness when you ‘forget’ about your flask or just don’t have time to drink from it, then pick it up hours later, and it’s of a nice warm temperature? Bliss….

thermos flask
thermos overnight coffee
It helps that this flask in particular has a Thermos double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention, and an insulated stainless steel cup for serving. Other additions are it’s BPA-free durable stainless steel interior and exterior, a twist and pour stopper, and 1.2L capacity. Prices start at £30, making it an excellent gift for your partner/friend/family member who lives a busy life. Ideal for this Christmas if you are a little bit stuck for a handy gift.

I haven’t tested this on cold drinks yet, but I am pretty sure it will perform just as good as it says it should do, going from what I have seen during my 24 hour overnight coffee challenge for the hot drink!

Well done Thermos – may my morning coffee stay warm, even when I’m not…

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