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I’m a stationary geek – just putting it out there. But it actually helps to be a little like this when you take your career as a blogger, influencer or as a small business owner seriously.

Over the past 8 years running What Emma Did, I find one of the things I do very often – and enjoy the most – is networking. Meeting fellow bloggers, brands, photographers, businesses and even people who are just interested in my services or a little nosy is always an enjoyable and important part of being a blogger. As well as running the blog, I’m a journalist and a makeup artist, so I like to have some form of ‘identification’ on me at all times which brands me.

That can be so many things, and it doesn’t have to be all stuffy and flashy, or logo heavy and a little bit ‘show-offy’. It can be professional looking business cards, notepads, diaries, pens, stickers, notepads, keyrings, USB’s….anything! I have a wide selection of personalised and logo designed printed material for my What Emma Did brand from, and it kind of makes me feel a little more ‘complete’.

Almost as if I have a real business I’m running, I look professional and organised when I meet people, and it also kind of spurs me on a little. Pulling out a notepad with my website printed on it to start my to-do lists gives me that feeling of important. I’m not sure if it’s a mind over matter situation, but either way, it works for me!

Here’s a list of 5 ideal printed stationary materials bloggers could consider:

1. Business Cards

Without a doubt the most important piece of business material I own, and trust me when I say you never know when you may need them! I keep them on person with me at all times in my purse/diary, after too many times of randomly meeting great people and not having a card to hand. It just looks unprofessional if someone asks you if you have a card and your like “um…no?”.

Hello Print offer over 1,000 designs across lots of paper types depending on what feel you want, so it’s really easy to get inspired when visualising your cards. 500 cards are currently priced at ¬£20.95, and its super easy to upload your own design and proof it before printing.

2. Letter Headed Paper

If you find yourself regularly sending invoices or company communications via mail, a printed letter head which represents your blog and features your URL is also a lovely one to have to hand. It just gives your invoices or any printed letters you need to send that touch of professionalism.

You can get one of four different paper qualities and its up to you if you single sided or double sided. Lots of options here for pretty, girl-boss inspired paperwork!

3. Logo Pens

Some people may think a blogger doesn’t need to have their blog name or URL on their own pens, but I personally think its a great touch to your business branding. I go to a lot of blogger meetings where I’m constantly writing notes, and even handing pens out, and it again just keeps the whole branding together. Plus, why settle of a pesky, plain pen when you can write your notes with your own branded pen? You’ll always love your pens this way. Trust me.

At Hello Print, you can select from 9 different colours too to match a shade up with your blog theme if you wanted.

4. Personalised Power Bank

OK now this one is a more recent, modern one and I think its genius. Bloggers are always taking photos on their phones, using social media, checking emails, filming… and killing their batteries. I know so many bloggers – and those who run their own small businesses – who are glued to their phones 24/7 and have to carry chargers with them daily. Or, you see them asking around if anyone has an iPhone cable!

Make life easier for yourself and be the coolest or the cool with a personalised, branded power bank. There are 9 different types of styles at Hello Print, including an aluminium tube style and a little square pocket friendly one.

5. Logo Printed Notepad

And last but not least, a branded notepad is possibly up there with business cards as fairly important, in my opinion anyway! You can get a range of cover notebooks, stylish kine notebooks, for those paper versions which flip up and you can write, tear and throw away if you wish!

The standard notepads which you can use to write, doodle and record whatever you wish let you flick the pages over, or rip out and get rid when you are done. They are the simplest, handiest to use and look fab with personalised branding across the top or bottom. Cover notebooks are a little more handy for keepsake notebooks, which are on display a lot, and kine ones are those super pretty ones which look really smart and even have a little band that secures the book.

Either way, each item can be personalised with your blog log, your URL, a design you like, or with one of the professional designs that Hello Print use. I feel that printed stationary and business materials give yourself that little bit more of an edge in the blogger/small biz industry – and thats both for your own mind when carrying out work, and in other peoples eyes too…


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