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As much as I’m fond of designer clothing, I’m always the first to admit I don’t earn designer wages. I like to make my wardrobe a little eclectic, with a real mix of High Street heroes (usually jeans, trousers, tops and day dresses) with second-hand eBay and Depop items thrown in via accessories, and the occasional ‘wow’ design piece when it comes to coats and evening dresses.

Shoes, I’m fairly open. I’ve been known to purchase heels from Marc Jacobs and Chloe before, yet the boots I’m currently wearing today are from New Look.

Handbags are an item I love to go designer with. There’s just always that something extra special about the quality, the style, the cuts and the material composition of designer handbags that the High Street versions just don’t compete with.

So, the next best way for me to inject some designer, premium or luxury items into my everyday #OOTD or wardrobe is to cleverly use shopping sites which pull the best sales. For this, I’m currently using My Fashion Sales – a website which shows you all the latest items across men’s and women’s fashion, at the best sale price. You’ll usually find offers ranging from 15%-50% off, so you’re always guaranteed to find the best buys on there!

What I particularly love is that it’s really fuss free. I literally just go on the site every now and again when I’m tempted to add some nice new, smarter clothing or accessories to my life, and it straight away just shows me all the recent sales when I click ‘Women’.

You can shop via category (so I’m pretty much always heading to jackets, coats and dresses, as these are my weaknesses!) or you can skip straight to 20%-50% sale search, so you know you’re browsing the biggest offers.

Because there are so many fab offers loaded to the site every day, I find it’s easier for me to just follow their social media channels so I can keep up. I use their Instagram at @myfashionsales and their Facebook page to have a check weekly of any wow styles (mainly designer!) or just have a browse with the hashtag #myfashionsales.

For me, I love being able to shop all the best and latest sales all in one place, instead of having multiple tabs open on my desktop with retailers. Yep – I’m a big desktop shopping over mobile! Maybe one day I’ll modernise in that area, but not quite yet…

Here’s a couple of my favourite items I’ve got my eye on for when payday finally arrives on Wednesday (31st January… has anyone else felt how difficult it’s been waiting for this January payday?!). Just got to hope these are still available!

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