Lifestyle: Give Your Kitchen a Winter Makeover

Seeing as Winter is in full swing, I’ve decided to put a blog post together about sprucing up the home for the colder months. Kind of along the lines of what you’d usually do in Spring, with a ‘Spring clean’, except this time, it will be more of a ‘Winter clean’. Makes sense, right?

1. Think about stylish storage

Replace ugly looking cartons and half filled bottles with pretty, stylish and chic bottle storage. t’s all very ‘London-esque’ these days – think trendy glass milk bottles, tubs and jars. I purchased some clean and classic glass bottle storage to keep in my fridge, to replace any old and shoddy looking cartons that take up unnecessary space and can become a bit of an eye-sore.

fridge contents
glass water bottle

Also, with stylish looking bottles like these in my fridge, they encourage me to drink more of the water/juice I am storing in them. A large bottle of orange juice and a mini bottle of milk never looked so appealing!

You can get lots of sleek and sassy glass bottles to pour your milk, juices, or even water with slices of fruit in, to look so much more appealing sat in your fridge. Those cartons do absolutely nothing to please the eye!

fridge door
water bottle
glass water bottle

2. Does your kitchen need re-vamping?

Before you go any further with your Kitchen update, take a good look around. Does anything need updating in your kitchen? Yes, you might be sat there looking at it thinking that the whole thing needs re-vamping and doing up, but sometimes smaller things can make a huge difference.

Perhaps your kitchen could benefit from a new door? Or what about under cupboard lighting to give a modern, luxury effect? It could even be the smallest update, like changing up all the kitchen handles from wooden knobs to sleek, shiny. silver handles. Kitchen Warehouse are usually my best bet for kitchen inspiration, and they are super reasonable with prices too.

3. Add a pop of colour

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a pop of colour to brighten it up and become more of a homely place. Sure, it’s Winter, but Summer coloured vibes never go a miss in the kitchen. You need a bright, inspiring vibe when cooking, right?

Look at bold containers to add to your kitchen tops to stylishly store things, such as tea bags, sugar, coffee, biscuits and bread. You can also be a little creative here too and chose a small piece of inspirational wall art to place alongside your organised storage.

Shakespeare print

I recently added this cute little framed Shakespeare quote to my kitchen tops. It just adds that unique touch, and also reflects on the owner of the house. Most of my guests head straight to the kitchen and that’s where we will gather with a cup of tea, so give them something interesting to look at and judge you by!

Its amazing how updating your storage items, and even upgrading your kettle and toaster, can make such a difference. So before you make the leap to start searching for cheap kitchens and completely overhaul the whole thing (Summer is the best season for major work, I’d avoid in the Winter!), take a long hard look at accessories instead.

Shakespeare print
Shakespeare wall art
4. Get rid of any ‘mess’

It’s sad, but people will judge you and your way of living if they come into your home and see a messy kitchen. Especially if the mess is visible where it  doesn’t need to be, like noticeboards pinned with bill reminders, council tax costings, personal invites or bank statements for all to see. House guests don’t want to see your personal bills and payments, and it creates a scatty appearance.

Take the noticeboard into a pantry or some other hidden room, and instead, swap this for a happy slogan type print or a sweet little chalk board to hand write messages, notes and reminders on.

kitchen walls
love heart chalk board

5. Paint the walls

Maybe you love your cabinet colour but the rest of the kitchen is feeling a little blah. Punch it up with a new colour on the walls. Whether you opt for a bright white or a darker hue, just make sure to pick a hue that complements your cabinets.

And there you go – five very simple yet effective tips to tidy up my kitchen and leave it looking all smart for Winter! Do you have any Winter home update tips? If so, do share them below in the comments…

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