Dreaming Of My Perfect Wardrobe Situation

So there is something that I do regularly that some people think is odd, but I think it’s pretty damn normal. I often save photos as my iPhone wallpaper that are inspirational to me – things I want to aim for in life.

Once upon a time I had a girl who had amazing skin, and I saved it as my phone home screen to encourage me to cut out eating sugar and dairy, in a bid to be just as flawless. I tell you, it worked.

These days, I save photos of ‘things’ I want in life, to encourage me to work harder. I mean, I work my backside off, but I can always work harder. But I’m not going to do it if I’m not reminded of the things I could have/own/achieve, if I just pushed myself a lil’ bit harder.

My current wallpaper is of a walk-in wardrobe. A stunning, all singing all dancing closet owned by an influencer and blogger who works like crazy. She’s worked crazily hard over the years, and fully deserves this dream worthy walk-in closet. So I find it encouraging and motivating to be reminded of it every time I look at my phone (which is pretty much most of the day).

So lets talk my ideal closet situation. Because not only do I want a large one I can wonder around in, I also have dreams of a bespoke traditional closet made to my fittings, size, style and colour.

I’d preferable love one similar to this Custom Painted Walk In Closet Mayfair, as seen on iWardrobes website. Honestly, I’ve been drooling over their bespoke designs. But if I had to have a smaller one, a much more traditional one, I’d look at great big, stylish mirrored doors to make the room look bigger and also double up as a personal mirror for myself.

I feel like the ‘state’ of your wardrobe situation can speak a lot about you as a person. And as a fashion blogger, I feel I would absolutely cherish a designer wardrobe which looks the part. All sleek and beautiful, and made to measure to my standards.

With fashion playing a big part in my job, owning a gorgeous closet has literally been my end goal for so so long.

I could literally get carried away: spot lights, fresh white paint, dimming lights, rotating shoe racks, shelving for cosmetics… it’s literally my favourite past time to just sit here, planning away and dreaming.

How lovely is this one below too, styled to fit the edges of the room and act as an incredible space saver?

I might not be able to obtain the designer wardrobe situation I want just yet, but hey, I can keep dreaming and working towards my goals.

But one thing I can be achieving right now is to fill my current falling-apart-wardrobes with clothing I’m reeeeally loving. And I’ve had no problem doing a bit of an Autumn/Winter shop lately, adding these sassy pieces below to my new collections.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen a few of these pop up on my feed!

This floral ditsy dress is from Influencer Fashion – a brand I haven’t shopped at before. And the snakskin print blouse below is from Select Fashion (a cheeky £14.99!)

This cosy faux fur sleeve jumper dress is also from Select Fashion…

And finally, this geometric printed mesh top is from I SAW IT FIRST, and is much more practical when dressed up with a black vest top underneath and a big chunky coat draped over the top!

Do you have any habits that you do which motivate you, but other people find quite strange? Let me know in the comments…

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