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The post title may cause a little confusion at first glance as most of you will think “but you don’t smoke?”…

Very true, I have never been a smoker, but I am around a lot of smokers and have grown up in a household with a smoker, and therefore all the talk around the Stoptober campaign is something I do feel is a topic close to my heart. I know my usual topics include fashion, beauty and lifestyle on the blog, but I class smoking as health, which is strongly a lifestyle topic. I know so many people who are always fighting a loosing battle to try stop smoking, so I wanted to use my blog in an effective way to reach out and provide help to those really trying to kick the habit.

Everyone knows the health problems associated with smoking, so I won’t talk to you as if you are not aware. I have watched loved ones of mine lose people to lung cancer, and have witnessed people suffer terrible health problems associated with smoking so I guess I have always been so cautious of the habit. I noticed that in aid of Stoptober, Boots have launched their own Smoke Less Plan (and a NikAssist range) and are encouraging people to kick the habit by providing lots of support and help to stop this month. Therefore, I have put together a series of tips from Boots Expert Angela Chalmers – and threw in my own personal tip which is the final one!- which may give you that extra support and encouragement…

Tip 1: Quit Your Own Way

In light of quitting and working on this project yourself, you have to everything to suit you. It’s been found that many people find it easier to quit on a Wednesday rather than a Monday, so maybe try giving that a go. Also, you know your own will power and social calender. If you decide to quit on a Thursday but know you have a large social event on the Friday evening and you may be tempted, get the social event out of the way first and then make a clean break the following day. Do it to what suits your lifestyle best. Boots pharmacists are available at any part of your quitting journey to offer advice, so professional help is there for you whenever you chose the best day to quit.

Tip 2: Know Your Smoking Triggers

Everyone again is different here; it may be that you enjoy a cigarette with a coffee on your way to work, or after a meal you may like to finish off having a smoke. Or maybe it is something that unwinds you after a stressful day. It may sound silly but it’s important to find something else for your hands to do, like instead try having a snack like carrot sticks or apple – something crunchy and satisfying that is something to do instead of reaching for a cigarette.

Pick up a magazine or take a book for your commute to work (or download new music if you walk) – just something to distract you from usually smoking. They always say having a glass of water to replace when you would usually smoke works really well. If you are worried about gaining weight, seek professional advice from an advisor.

Tip 3: Swap smoking for a new hobby and don’t give up giving up!

Everything is always a mind matter, therefore try and distract your mind in order to succeed. You can guarantee your mind will taunt you about smoking as you are constantly thinking about it. Start going to the gym, or just perhaps a new exercise class, like zumba which incorporates fun. Creating a list of all the things you want to do and ticking them off can create a great sense of achievement! And do not be disheartened if you relapse – try not to be too hard on yourself.

For some long term smokers, it really is a battle. Celebrate each smoke free day and why not set up a wall planner where you cross of each day you haven’t smoked? Visual trackers are really beneficial!

Tip 4: Reward Yourself

This is the nicest one – you are working hard to improve your life, so reward yourself and be proud of your journey. 61%  of smokers say that quitting is one of their lifetime ambitions, so make sure you celebrate.

(With thanks to Angela Chalmers, Boots Expert for the above tips)

Tip 5: Emma’s Tip!

Think of all the money you will save! I actually don’t know the cost of a pack of cigarettes, but I imagine it is expensive. Put aside the money you would be spending on smoking and at the end of the month treat yourself to a beauty treatment, as stopping smoking encourages healthy, radiant skin to start with anyway! So enhance your efforts – have a facial, have an exfoliation- or buy a glowing new blusher or brightening lipstick. Think of yourself as this walking temple of beauty, health and wealth. I feel that personal tip of mine is very fitting for my blog and my blog readers.

Tip 6: Try Vaping 

Some people are totally against vaping and say that e-cigarettes are worse than smoking, but there are just as many people advocating e-cigs and vaping as the best way to give up smoking. No matter on which side you are, it is clear that vaping trend is growing rapidly and there is a reason for that.

Actually, here seem to be various reason why people choose vaping. Many people claim that they were unable to kick the habit until they switched to e-cigs. Also, it seems that vapour produced by vaping isn’t nearly as harmful as second-hand smoke. There are various other benefits as well, but I am not going to cover them in this post.

If you are interested, you can read more about vaping and best vape devices (vape pens) here:

I’m not advocating electronic cigarettes or claiming that they work for 100%, but they are an interesting option for those who can’t give up smoking. And with so many success stories out there, why not try it yourself?

So if you are looking to quit and really want to get behind this- Stoptober is the best time to do it as you have so much support and help behind you. Just think of all the glorious things that will happen… your sense of smell will get stronger again and your taste buds will also improve… bet they are things you never thought of.


This is just a general advice post, however there is much more help via Boots UK Stop Smoking along with their NicAssist range, which focuses solely on helping you stop. If you need support from others, then I invite you to join myself and many many others in an engaging Twitter party which encourages the Smoke Less Plan  and shares help and advice. It takes place on the 16th October, 1-2pm, and we will all be using the hashtag #bootsukstoptober. More details to follow!


Good luck and ‘Happy Stoptober!’

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