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A little bit of a serious post on today, revolving around money, cashback and finances. I know it’s a topic that rarely excites us, but as I’m going through the process of moving into my first home, I’ve had to look into bank accounts, credit cards and mortgage deals so much that it seems natural to share some good findings with you, incase your currently looking into the same type of thing!

I’m a five year loyal Santander customer, and have never had a bad word to say about my accounts and the services provided. When I applied for my first time buyer mortgage with them, I upgraded to the 123 account as it worked out that I actually get cashback paid into my account based on the direct debits I have set up (which works out well seeing as I have outgoings of home insurance, life insurance, council tax, electricity… you name it!), so I’ve been pretty happy with the service so far.

new house card

Anyhow, I obviously need to start purchasing furniture and more heavy-duty appliances such as washing machines and dryers and all sorts, so for a little bit of financial help I looked it another product of Santander’s, the 123 credit card. I’m not too struck on the idea of owning a credit card again as I have been card-free for many years now, but they say buying a house is the biggest financial stress of your life, so I think it’s only sensible to have one as a back up. And besides, the Santander 123 card offers cashback on supermarket shops, department stores and petrol stations, so you actually gain a little bit of money back as you spend.

Before making a decision, I had a little go at the Santander cashback calculator over on their website, which is such a handy little tool to work out based on your average spending just how much cashback you would receive over twelve months. You enter your rough estimates of monthly spending for areas such as food shopping and travel, and it totals up what you would get back. I had a go at this and came in with the figure of £84! With that amount of cashback, you could use it for a real treat night out or daytime activity! For example, I just recently booked an experience voucher for an evening meal for two at Prezzo in Manchester, which included three courses and a bottle of Prosecco. The offer cost £55, and afterwards we treated ourselves to some cocktails at a neighbouring bar. I spent on average £90, which could be what my cashback treats can be spent on going forward! Here’s some photos of my lovely evening treat night out…

prezzo manchester
prezzo manchester
If dining isn’t your favourite past-time (food wins every time for me I’m afraid) then you could spend the money on a lovely spa day or experience activity day.

For more information on the Santander credit card if it’s something your looking into, take a look here. Have a play around with the calculator too and surprise yourself with the cash back amounts you may receive. I’m off to do some serious sofa, dishwasher and dryer shopping now, how rock & roll!

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