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Today’s blog post is all about a budget make-up brand which has been around for quite a long time, and I absolutely adore the affordable product range. Sleek MakeUP is one of the fastest growing High Street cosmetic brands, one I often admire when I shop at Superdrug stores. However, Sleek also has a shiny new designed website which showcases the brands extensive make-up range, delivering  a modern, clean and stylish look, allowing the brand to look a little more premium (even though it’s still a High Street priced brand).

The packaging is always something else I love about this brand – chic black casing and minimalist style fonts take away any novelty or High Street vibes from the range. Instead, the products look cute, classic and compact. Take a look at the selection I’ve been experimenting with to add a pop of colour to my ‘everyday face’…

sleek make-up
sleek makeup
sleek make up
sleek blush
sleek blusher
sleek lipgloss
I’ve been practising steering away from my usual bronzing and contouring look this week, and switching to a more peachy pink look, hence using the Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold. It adds a subtle touch of rosy pink to the cheeks with a hint of golden shimmer. It’s such a beautiful product for the apples of your cheeks if you want to look a little more fresh faced and youthful.

I’ve also been layering up the Sleek I-Quad Eyeshadow and Eyeliner palette in neutral brown hues for a daytime, bright-eyed look. The palette comes with a deep brown gel type eyeliner and suitable eyeliner brush to apply a smudgy touch of colour to lower and upper eyelids. It’s soft melted texture upon application lets the colour easily blend into the skin and eye socket, so the result isn’t too dramatic yet it really opens up the eyes in a subtle way. I also discovered a fantastic ‘Eau La La Liner’ eyeliner in Blue Moon shade, which is highly pigmented to blur in a bold slick of colour. Here’s a tip – blue eyes shine even brighter if lined with a very small amount of blue toned eyeliner. At first I used to worry this would look over dramatic, but with just a faint little line as close to the eye as you can get makes such a different! I get so many compliments when I play around with this colour, and this one by Sleek is costs just £4.99 and boasts such a professional finish.

emma campbell whatemmadid

sleek eyeliner
emma campbell what emma did
what emma did emma campbell
For the look in the above photographs, my lips are finished off with a coating of True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur, £4.99, and a coating of the Matte Me Lipgloss. I’ve used a mixture of key products from Sleek to create a toned down, muted yet striking look for work, but I’m looking forward to mixing them up again to create a more daring evening look!

It feels so satisfying creating a lovely little make-up look from such an affordable cosmetic brand…

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