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Every now and again, I try to steer away from my beauty, fashion and food reviews on What Emma Did, and supply from real life advice pieces instead. A little more like ‘guides’ – which act as in-depth advice features for anything from home improvements, cooking and even money matters.

As I’m really into home improvements, and myself and my boyfriend are currently in the middle of having our bathroom renovated and improved,  I thought I’d put together a home related guide.

And this one is all about something I rarely think about, but is so important if you are doing up the whole house, or even just one room: lighting.

If you have just bought a new home then congratulations are in order. You can start creating a dream home! It’s an expensive game, but fortunately, there is a quick, easy and affordable way to make your home your own.

To be sure, the type of light you have in a room can make a huge difference to how it feels. So, if you want to make sure the rooms in your new home feel immediately welcoming and homely, you need to look into a range of interior lighting solutions which will enable each of them to look and feel great. So lets take a look…

The Living Room

This is the room where you will spend the majority of your chill out time, and quality family/TV time! Therefore the light solutions in it need to be functional and easy to use.

However, there are several aspects which need to be considered with living room light, most notably the availability of natural light and the positioning of your sofas and television. Having a number of different light options can often be the best bet in this respect.

Look at blending a ceiling pendant light, LED pendant lights, or track lighting across the ceiling, with some well placed floor-standing uplighters to ensure you have a decent selection of versatile light options. It’s quite a simple, fuss-free room to light.

The Kitchen

Kitchen light should always be utilitarian and task-oriented. It’s a little more detailed than other rooms of the house.

Focused under-cupboard lights pointed down onto work surfaces and recessed ceiling spot lights can often be a good choice in kitchens, as they can help to create a sharp, clean effect which compliments the role of a kitchen perfectly.

The Bathroom

This is one that I’ve had to look into a lot lately! Light in your bathroom should ideally offer a mix of effects depending on your mood and the layout of the room. For instance, bright, clean white light supplied by halogen spots can provide you with suitably strong illumination, whilst a single, focused shower down-light can be used to gently highlight your shower area.

Another useful option for modern bathrooms is to have an exterior controlled dimmer switch as this will enable you to create a warm glow whenever you want to take a nice, relaxing bath.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is another room which requires a number of different light options. Most people favour having two bedside lamps, which are ideal solutions when it comes to chilling out or reading as they can provide you with the soft light needed to relax and unwind. This means you don’t have to go crazy with bright lighting around the rest of the room.

Conversely, a bright pendant light or track light solution on the ceiling can provide you with the task light needed to get dressed and just generally light up the room.

Overall, lighting in your home is a complete person preference, but it helps to have an idea of what works best. Remember to visually walk into each room and picture the room at different times of the day, and where you’ll benefit from more focused light, or more sporadic, wide scale light.

And good luck! Renovating homes and doing them up can be a stressful time…

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