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OK guys, lets face it – I love wine. As in, I’ve gotten worse with how much I adore it. I remember a time when I would save bottles of wine for occasions, or I’d only indulge in the precious white, red or rose liquids when going out.

Now, it’s normal for me to enjoy a glass mid week at home, paired with a meal. And now, I enjoy selecting my wine for a gathering with friends, or for a certain lunch or dinner I’m cooking, or even for enjoying when the weather is pretty amazing (like right now – thank you UK summer!).

One thing I haven’t yet done is to join a wine club, and it’s something that has been on my list for a while. So whilst researching, I was lucky enough to try out a few wines from a wine club called The Le Petit Ballon Wine Club – the number 1 wine box club in France.

The Le Petit Ballon wine club is a fun way to discover new wines from the comfort of your home. I’m one of those that walks around the wine aisles in the Supermarket a little blank – I just don’t always know what I’m looking for.

With a wine club like this one, every month you’ll receive a surprise at your doorstep. You get 2 bottles of wine you won’t find at the supermarket, handpicked and selected by Le Petit Ballon. You simply fill out a wine profile online, in which you can try describing the type of wines you like. But don’t worry if its hard to put into words – the wine club will make sure they understand!

Every bottle of Le Petit Ballon wine is selected by Jean-Michel Deluc, former Master Sommelier of the Ritz in Paris. He tastes more than 60 bottles a week to find the perfect gems to send you, using your wine profile to understand you more…

But as well as it being a wine club in which you receive 2 surprise bottles at your door every month (which are unique and special), it’s also a bit of a learning and appreciation club too.

Le Petit Ballon is a club made for the hedonist wine lover; those who appreciate wine but don’t necessarily know how to talk about it. Complexities are thrown out the window, and you’ll also receive a monthly gazette, packed with tasting notes and videos that will teach you all you need to know about your wine (including the best way to serve it, and the story behind how it was made – great for impressing at dinner parties!).

I’ve discovered something new for sure: I’m now obsessed with Argentinian Malbec!

I received two absolutely delicious wines to introduce me to the club, one white, and one red. The white wine was a gorgeous packaged wine from Chile, called Las Ninas – Mapuche Blanc, 2017. When I found it online, the description reads:

“An oceanic white wine from the coast of Chile! The best sites for vineyards take advantage of the refreshing Pacific ocean and the influence of the looming, Andes mountains. The result is long, warm days, cool nights and an excellent balance of acidity and sugar in the grapes. This is the exact reason the Dauré family bought this estate in 1996, yet it was the hard work of the daughters of the family (Las Niñas) which has seen it rise to its current fame.”

And Jean-Michel Deluc says: “A new addition to Mapuche’s range, this white wine is a gem! The vineyards are located almost directly between the ocean and the Andes mountains, helping the grapes to combine intense sunshine with the freshness of the ocean.

Styled on the wines of Bordeaux but with a more obvious fruit profile, thanks to the unique climate. Perfect as an aperitif or to pair with white meats and fish!”

It featured 13% alcohol, and poured into the glass like a fresh, clear light gold shade. It was easy to drink, but with a little kick, tasting nice with both my homemade pizza and pasta dishes, but I also paired it with fish for lunch too. So pretty versatile.

It had aromas of pear, peach, green apple and citrus fruits, which was no surprise that the taste was super fruity too.

The second bottle I tried out was a real deep, intense red. The red was a Malbec from Domaine Bousquet. And again, when searching online, I found the following:


Domaine Bousquet is situated at high altitudes, in the Tupungato district of Mendoza, Argentina. The exceptional levels of sunshine, combined with the snow-melt from the Andes mountains allows for top quality organic viticulture, and the grapes benefit from both French and Argentinian influences. The results, unsurprisingly, are delicious!”

It’s an organic, rich red, in which Jean-Michel says: “The Bousquet family, who found this remarkable terroir in 1990, originally hail from the Carcassonne region of France. They’ve relocated and are now completely at home in the altitudes of the Uco Valley, in their own little corner of Tupungato. Malbec is king here, with the altitudes allowing for a long, slow ripening period, resulting in fruity, structured and refreshing wines!”

It was a really rich, tasty red, deep in colour and intense in flavour. The wine has a bright ruby colour, with flashes of violet towards the rim of the glass.

When touching on aromas, it reminded me of ripe black cherries, blackberries, plums and all those deep red fruits. Delicious…

In a nutshell, I’ve developed a new obsession for Malbec from Argentina, as this one is by far one of the tastiest and richest I’ve ever tried. Thanks Le Petite Ballon for introducing me!


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