Lifestyle: Rewards For Running? There’s An App For That!

Last year, I was given a fitness tracker watch as a gift, because I can get overly obsessive with how many steps I’ve done, how many calories I’ve burnt, and how many Kilometres I’ve covered. But I use the word ‘obsessive’ lightly – I either get crazy about it and check its readings every hour, or I fling the watch into my bag, and it doesn’t appear for weeks and weeks.

For those who read my blog often or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m interested in keeping fit, working out and staying in shape, but I also love socialising, eating and drinking that tiny bit more. Which means that lately, I’ve slipped right off the radar. And I’m not happy about it.

I’m currently in the worst mind frame at the moment, when I should be pushing myself to get my fitness levels up. But instead, I keep finding myself slumped on the sofa eating all the carbs. And you know what? That fitness watch alone isn’t going to help this time around.

But maybe – just maybe – I’ve found a new kind of motivation boost, the type that I really need in my life right now. I did some new research into health and fitness encouragement apps and trackers, but ones that can somehow reward you, or just give you that push into working hard. And I think I’ve landed on a gooden’…

I’ve come across Xendera – a mobile app which rewards any physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, or anything that can be measured by a watch, a fitness tracker, and (obviously) a smartphone or smart device.


But, it does something a little extra than just tracking your steps, miles, calories and floors climbed. It actually brings you little rewards to aim to, transforming your hard work into coupons to use at online stores.

For me, when I am in my ‘fitness mode’, I do a lot of walking and hiking. So that means going on long walks around the countryside, or climbing mountains.

So perhaps Xendera can encourage me to get off my lazy backside and get back into my walking/power walking/hiking, and bring me alllll the rewards for that extra encouragement! Sounds good to me, and it’s the only thing that’s motivated me recently…

Just so you know a little more about the app, Xendera is a free web and mobile app which launched in April 2017. The beauty of it is that it is compatible with many apps out there, or connected supports, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Runtastic, Strava, Polar, Garmin, Runeeper and the more popular choice – Fitbit.

In a nutshell, Xendera rewards any physical activity, and the rewards differ. For example, or walking 10,000 steps, it is possible to enjoy a discount of 5€ on Just Eat, or get 20% discount on Adidas for a 20km run for example.

You’ll also notice that most of the rewards are fitness/food/health/fashion related, which is pretty ideal for me!

How I see it right now is that with each step (of my runs/walks) each kilometer I tackle is rewarded! Plus, the app is designed to be accessible to everyone, and you really don’t have to be a fitness freak or some kind of athlete to reap the benefits.

It’s literally for everyone – especially people like me who enjoy working out and keeping fit, but struggle for motivation.

Give it a go yourself if you’re in a similar rut to me. You can download it here at the Apple store or at Google Play, and take a look at some of the rewards on offer!

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