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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for me to share a brand I’ve only recently discovered. Ormonde Jayne Perfumery is ran by Chester born perfumer Linda Pilkington, you may be familiar with the brand if you visit Selfridges in Manchester, as this is where I have discovered it.

In a nutshell, Ormonde Jayne Perfumery is a luxury brand which is quite rare in British perfumery. All its perfumes and candles are all created, bottled and packaged in the UK and it is still entirely owned by its creator and perfumer Linda Pilkington. With no investors or executive boards to answer to, the only objective is pleasing its customers – a truly independent premium brand.

Those who experience the brand will tend to enjoy the rare exotic, ingredients like oudh, hemlock, tiare and osmanthus, which have been used here for many years before other mainstream perfume houses have followed suit.  After its humble beginnings on a kitchen table in 20 years ago, Ormonde Jayne now has 120 point of sale around the globe! So it’s becoming a pretty big brand in itself lately…

So, which product have I discovered that I want to share today? Well you all know I’m a candle and scent fanatic, so I was pretty pleased to get to try out this stunning Ormonde Jayne Casablanca Lily candle and perfume set. You can purchase this gorgeous potted candle as a candle with a lid, or as a multi wick product, in which I own the lidded version.

Ormonde Jayne’s Casablanca Lily scented candle is hand-poured in the London studio, holds 260 grams of wax and includes a high percentage of scented oils. A secret ingredient is packed into the candle to slow down the burn time, offering over 55 hours of sophisticated scent. Pretty impressive!

Casablanca Lily is currently only available as a scented candle. The perfume has been in the making for several years, but as a perfectionist, Linda Pilkington has not launched it as she feels she has not quite found the perfect Casablanca Lily perfume scent to date.

However, I’d expect fans of the brand to be excited for if it ever does launch, because the Casablanca Lily scented candle is the best selling candle from the range! It’s also infused with bergamot, and has a very gentle fragrance that fills the room, full of femininity and a touch of sweet-ness. The accompanying lid prevents dust settling on the wax and is the perfect way to extinguish the flame too.

Along with my lidded candle came a couple of perfume samples so I can try out the luxury collection on offer. I LOVE those little sample sized perfumes because I just pop them into my bag and can spritz myself all day long, especially when travelling or at work. The best part here is those are the times when people will always stop me and ask what I’ve just sprayed!

From taking a random sample of the fragrances and trying them out on my wrist, I noticed that first of all they actually smell expensive. Do you know what I mean when I say that? Like a real prestigious scent, made with quality oils and ingredients.

To try out their gorgeous fragrances, you can get discovery kits or what they call their ‘Petit Fours’ – little boxes styled like classic match boxes which slide out and reveal four key scents. Ormonde Jayne lets you select the four 2ml sprays you wish to include, and you can pick from the following:

  • One0
  • Jardin d’Ange
  • Jardin d’Ombre
  • Ambre Royal
  • Black Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Qi
  • Sensual Love
  • Nawab of Oudh
  • Passionate Love
  • Tsarina
  • Montabaco
  • Osmanthus
  • Fraginpani
  • Sampaquita
  • Champaca
  • Tiare
  • Ta’If
  • Vanille d’Iris
  • Tolu

Quite a few there, right? And would you believe me when I say I sampled them all and actually couldn’t find one where I crinkled my nose and went ‘oooh, no thanks‘. Each one smelt soooooo good, just the real quality of rich oils and dynamic uplifiting scents.

My favourites included the Frangipani and the Tiare, which both sit under the Floral. If you like fruity yet flirty scents, you’ll like this one, as its a fabulous heady fusion of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose absolutes, elevated with plum, water lilies and green orchid oil. The notes are soft and captivating, and fresh enough to wear every day for work.

I did find that for evening wear, I’d possibly opt for Vanille d’Iris, mainly because vanilla notes are one of my favourites for night time wear when it comes to perfume. To me this one is super girly and super sexy, filled with Orris butter and an abundance of the aphrodisiac Tahitian vanilla bud. Vanille d’Iris is a cocktail of irresistible elegance making it all the more desirable. Its a very enveloping, hypnotising and seductive scent, making it a great gift option for your best gal pal perhaps?

The candle alone costs £65, so it’s a real luxury buy as a special gift, and one which would be perfect for Mothers Day, Birthdays or Christmas. They look super stylish sat on the mantle piece or placed on a shelf in good viewing position, where it’s flickering light can cast a light glow in a front room or dining room.

If you can’t view these in person at a Manchester Selfridges store, you can view the whole collection online here. A lovely perfume brand I’m very happy to have discovered! I’m sure it will get a few comparisons to Jo Malone, but I’m much more fond of independent ran brands and ones which are very hands on personally, so I’d always look at a brand like this first (just in my opinion…)

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