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I’m super excited for the next two days as I’ll be taking a break from my home city of Manchester, and experiencing the blogger life down in London. With running What Emma Did for the past six years, I have spent many different occasions in London, but it never fails to excite me when I get to spend more than just a day there. This trip in particular has more than a few different bits of meetings and things to do, so I found myself scribbling away making all the plans in my diary, so that I don’t forget a single appointment.

It made me realise – what would I do without a diary? And I don’t mean my iPhone reminders or calendar. I mean my actual lined paper day to day book. Who else is like me out there? Do you ever find that you have to have everything wrote down in paper version, so you might just lose your head if so?


I also use my diary to record little positive moments and things that have happened that I simply just want to write down. For example, last week I secured some absolutely fantastic coverage in Manchester Confidential as I scooped the Top 10 Manchester Bloggers list, in which I made small scribbled notes under the date such as “Amazing online coverage day”

As you can see from my photo above, I’m using a dedicated bloggers journal which provides blog tips, income sheets and idea generation pages. But a good old leather journal, or a personalised one, is always something else I carry in my bag to help with everyday life planning. The diaries and journals from Pen Heaven are my favourite, as they come in good quality leather, an array of colour, matching pens and lovely textures.

So here’s a little sneak peak into how my two day London diary trip looks like…

pink soda sport
6.30 am: Wake-up. Even though I’m not in the office today, I have to be up to fit everything in.

7.00 am: Half an hour gym session. Sadly that’s all I can squeeze in

8.30 am: Get showered and ready to shoot the new Pink Soda sports range at home for the blog. There are some lovely workout pieces that I really want to get some nice shots of and feature on the blog.

10 am: Reply to emails, do some social media and set off for Manchester Piccadilly.

10.55 am: Train time!

11:00 am: First meeting of today is a phone call meeting with Channel 4 about skincare and acne for a potential project that I might be working on…

12.00 am: Freelance work and blog work on the train

1.15 am: Meeting to follow up with Channel 4 as soon as I get to Euston.

3:00 pm: Check into Hotel – I’m staying at a small independent hotel close to Hyde Park

5:00 pm: Event and meetings with GOSH makeup brand at Metropolitan by COMO in London

7.30 pm: Dinner with one of my close friends at Duke Street

10:00 pm: Work on blog deadlines

8:00 am: Hotel breakfast

10:00 am: Shoot images for ghd Styler project

1:00 pm: Find a cafe to work… thinking of heading to somewhere fairly ‘pretty’ like Notting Hill.

3:00 pm: Appointment with Pro Skin Clinic for facials and treatments to review and share on the blog.

5:00 pm: Have dinner

6.30 pm: Blogger meetings with RUSH Hair and beauty


A rather long and hectic two days for me, but enjoyable none the less I assume! So it’s time to close my laptop and get cracking with my journey. London, here I come!

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