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So far for 2016, I’ve been making a little extra effort to go to the gym on a regular basis. However, getting to my gym before it closes at 8pm in the evenings is proving to be a nightmare, so I’ve turned to something I only would have classed before as insane – going to the gym before work. It means I only really squeeze in a 35 minute workout, but hey, it’s better than skipping it altogether, right?

It helps that I have happened to get my hands on some of the nicest new workout wear to date, from the new Pink Soda Sport range. The JD Sports brand is a gorgeous collection of crop tops, leggings, sweaters and slim fit jog pants, designed for women who care about looking great whilst working out. It doesn’t matter whether you like to go to the gym and hit the cardio like I do, or whether you much prefer to work up a sweat in zumba classes, or lift weights. The brand is made up of some super stylish women’s active wear pieces, that all the items suit whichever fitness regime you wish to take on!

pink soda sportswear
pink soda sports
pink soda sports leggings
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pink soda sports
Personally, I’m much more of a cardio girl, but when I say cardio, I mean the light stuff. I’m not too into training for 10k’s or marathons, but that’s possibly because I’m a lot better at shorter training sessions like 20 minutes per activity. Everyone has their own work out routine, but I tend to do 15 minutes on the treadmill mixing it up with power walking on a high gradient, and a slow jog. I then always make time for a short burst on the cross trainer, step machine and the rowing machine, before attempting the free weights. That’s possibly as far as my workout routine goes, but this year I would love to start going back to circuit classes and body tone sessions, so I can start paying more attention to muscle building and toning up for Summer.

I guess we all have totally different goals – but I’d love to hear yours too, so feel free to comment below with what you are aiming for from 2016!

pink soda crop top
pink soda sport
pink soda sports
pink soda racer back

pink soda sports
As you can see from the above shots, the range is casual and relaxed, yet represents a real fashionable twist. I love the leggings with the aqua blue waist band and the crackle detail on the legs, definitely a favourite of mine for hitting the gym. The leggings are £30, and look great teamed with both the logo crop tops I own from Pink Soda too. The range of supportive sports bra crops retail for around £16-£20, and feature some pretty little detailing such as racer back finishings as seen in the above shot.

One of my favorite items from the range has to be the casual crew neck sweater I’m wearing on the first shot – I mean, how stylish is that for a workout sweater? It also doubles up for those days I just want to throw on a comfy, trendy jumper over my leggings for a lazy day too. For those who regularly read my blog, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of greys, whites and blacks when it comes to clothing colour palettes, so I think this is fast becoming my favourite jumper. For just £28, it’s now one of my laid-back, timeless wardrobe staples.

Take a peak at some work out inspiration over at the JD Sports website, and have a little browse. Pink Soda Sport have also rounded up a group of fashionable and sport lifestyle ambassadors, to share with your their fitness regimes and progress, so it’s a great place to head over and get some of that kick-ass motivation.

And now it’s gym time…

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