Lifestyle: I Gave Up Chocolate For Lent

I literally cannot believe I managed to keep myself away from chocolate for a whole 40 days. Yes that’s right, for lent, I gave up chocolate, in a bid to raise money for Poverty with Christian Aid, and set up my own Just Giving page. I documented my story just before going away, which you can find here if you’d like a little more insight!

I’m not one of these girls who have a chocolate bar every day, but I am a sucker for buying myself chocolate related treats during the week (especially during work hours to perk myself up!).

The thing is, there is this food trolley that gets circled around the office, and they sell the most delicious chocolate billionaires shortbread. It’s coated with chocolate, layered on top of biscuit and caramel, and I had fallen into a terrible habit of purchasing. Almost daily.

When I indulge in chocolate, not only is it expensive for my purse and bad for my health, it also gives me terrible breakouts. Those small, pesky bumps start to appear underneath my skin, and I truly believe that for me, more chocolate equals more acne.

So I gave it up for lent. I ignored that trolley going around work with my favourite chocolate treat sat on it for 40 painful days. But I did it!

And as soon as Easter approached, I noticed my skin was so much calmer. I’m not saying that cutting chocolate out of my diet is the ultimate cure to bad skin, but it certainly helps me and improves my complexion. It looks much fresher, clearer and has that glow to it, and makeup is gliding on so much better.

I didn’t even indulge in chocolate Easter eggs over the Easter weekend though. OK so I had a couple of biscuits and some sweet treats, but I actually didn’t crave chocolate like I usually do. Perhaps everyone who gets a little addicted to the stuff should take this well-earned break!

It certainly helps when you know you have set yourself up to do it for a good cause too. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me fundraise for poverty, and everyone who supported me during my choc-free days.

And as today is my first day back in the office after a long Bank Holiday weekend, I think I just might treat myself to that delicious chocolate billionaire’s shortbread. It would be rude not to…

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