Beauty: My Skincare Preparation for Photoshoot Makeup

Last week, I had a pretty amazing time being the one on the other side of doing makeup, actually having my own makeup done professionally for a photoshoot. I was shooting my latest collection of occasion dresses for my boutique at the new makeover and photography studio Ivy Rose, located in Chorley, Manchester, which included the full works treatment.

I usually carry out my own makeup for my photoshoots, just to save costs and cut down on non-essentials, especially when I am a trained MUA myself. However, when the girls at Ivy Rose offered to go all out and create some super striking, high fashion makeup looks for me to suit some of my new dresses, I jumped at the chance.

The below and above photos showcase some of the super dramatic, almost gothic inspired looks I went for. A strong brow, dark sultry lip, a light contour and a bold black eye sweeping out to the outer corners of my face were created, and I loved the look!

I also had a touch of soft pink swept across my temples to blend in with some of my red and black dresses, which was a totally new effect for me.

As much as I enjoy going all out and having a heavy makeup day for my photoshoots, I’m always a little concerned about the after effects it has on my skin. The thick layering of studio ready foundations, concealers, setting powders and everything that is loaded up on top can play havoc with my skin, especially when underneath red hot lights all day.

I’ve recently taken a new approach where after a photoshoot and makeup session like this, I go home, take all my makeup off, and treat my skin with essential oils.

When it comes to using an essential oil, you’ll notice there are loads out there. With working as a Beauty Editor through the week, I’ve heard many good things about how each natural oil can be used on different parts of the face and body, to heal, treat and beautify different concerns.

After a day of heavy makeup, I like to apply tea tree essential oil directly onto any spots, or those pesky red marks which look like a potential spot on its way to the surface. I’ll sometimes drop ylang ylang oil into a light, daytime moisturiser to calm by skin and add moisture, and for the evening, I’ll add a touch of Lavender essential oil to my night time moisturiser. The scent is so dreamy and literally calms my mind, sending me into a deep, relaxed sleep.

I’m still yet to try out some of the more obscure and unknown ones, such as Eucalyptus, Geranium and Cedarwood, but I’m really enjoying researching these due to my passion for natural beauty.

If you’re looking at some gentle, skin calming ways to soothe skin after heavy, studio style makeup, I’d recommend having a little bit of a research into essential oils and natural properties. Sometimes, it’s all your skin really needs to heal itself and prevent further breakouts and inflammation.

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  1. December 16, 2019 / 9:18 pm

    I love that you use natural essential oils for skincare. I love makeup and it has taken a toll on my skin for sure, I have been using essential oils in my hair and I love the results, I use jojoba oil on the ends after I shower and it has helped with split ends and dryness. I am looking forward to using it on my face. Fingers crossed that I get the results you have. You are just stunning. Do you use the oils before you apply your makeup or just after you remove it?

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