Lifestyle: How I Plan To Get Myself In Shape For Summer

I really hate writing these types of blog posts because I know what the general will automatically think: you’re a slim girl, why are you talking about getting into shape for Summer?

And quite right. I’m a size 6-8 so I by no means talk about wanting to lose weight or being slimmer, which would be pain silly. But the main thing that bothers me is that believe it or not, I’m really not that healthy, and I’m far more flabbier and un-toned than you might think.

It’s coming up to holiday season and I’ve been so bogged down with work that it’s been hard to get on the right path for that ‘Summer Body’. Yes, I might be able to squeeze into an XS bikini, which I am thankful for (I thank my natural genes) but I promise you, my thighs jiggle around and you can squeeze my upper arms and belly so much you’ll get extra handfuls. Because currently, I’m eating a high carb diet, and as much as I do cardio twice a week at the gym, I’ve not been to good with the weights.

Take a look at what I ate yesterday…

I started the day with a Peanut Butter Cluster cereal bowl, which was probably three times the size of a normal portion. I was working on urgent blog posts and social schedules in the morning before heading to a meeting with a hotel brand at 11am, so I devoured the large cereal portion to last me until after my meeting.

Then, I had a yoghurt in the car on my way to my next meeting, and the beautiful Hotel Gotham. When I was there, the ever-so-kind beauty PR team ordered me a prawn mayo sandwich on sourdough bread, with a salad and potatoes smothered in mayonnaise.

And then I went to St Anne’s Square food festival and popped in at the Cooke Dough stand, and got THIS!

Mmmm… delicious warm gooey cookie dough, so soft and doughy on the inside, but crispy on the outside. I then chose for it to be topped with warm apple and cinnamon compote and lashings of whipped cream. YES PLEASE.

But it gets better: a Marinara pizza with rocket, mushroom, tomatoes and red onion followed. Rudy’s pizza in Manchester serve the best Italian style pizzas, I kid you not. Seriously. You can read all about them in my review here if you’re also a fellow pizza addict.

But on a serious note. Carbs, carbs, carbs. Sugar, sugar, sugar. No gym. No weights. I may be blessed with a high metabolism, and yes, I know a few of you will say “girl, where the hell do you put it?”, but this is not healthy.

So here’s a few ways I’m going to be putting myself into holiday lock-down. Or at least trying. That toned, beach body will be mine…

1. Change up my diet

I can’t hide the fact I live off carbs: bread, pasta, rice, cereal. And it isn’t in moderation, either. I’m an all-or-nothing girl, so I’ve decided to tackle this ‘problem’ head on for a few weeks and try out a diet called the Ketogenic diet. Have you ever heard of it? I came across it whilst researching for low carb diets, but ones where you don’t have to suffer.

I came across it via this blog, and I was relieved to see it has a lot of success stories, although it allows a high fat intake. It encourages olive oil on your salads, and avocado spread onto your…. wait… I can’t have bread. Um… avocado spread onto your lettuce leaves. Right, I can do that, for sure. *scratches head*.

I’m completely going to give it a go and kick the carb craze I currently live around. Even if it’s just for a couple of weeks…

2. Hit the weights

I genuinely love power walking and jogging, so when I go to the gym, I naturally take up the things I love. I’ll spend 20 minutes power walking with a high gradient, then I’ll hit the stepper, exercise bike, perhaps the rowing machine, and maybe finish off with 5 minutes for free weights on the arms.

So no wonder I moan about jiggly thighs and upper arms! No weights to tone, strengthen and build muscle. So from next week, I’m going to switch my gym routine up a little. I’ll be incorporating 20 minutes of free weights for my arms (and a couple of weight machines too to jazz it up a little), then a session on the leg press, squats with weights, and then finish off with a little cardio.

I’ll let you know how I find it, I mean who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy using weights…

3. Be cautious of drinks

Now this one covers a wide area, because I’m talking everything from alcoholic drinks, to those creamy coffees and bottled cokes. Firstly, I drastically need to reduce my alcohol intake. I consume so many drinks during the week because my job involves me attending press launches and blogger events etc, that it’s easy to turn what should be an enjoyable weekend tipple into a Tuesday night binge. Not good on the waistline.

I’m going to try and refuse the complimentary glasses of fizz and cocktails that get served up at events, and switch for the odd Gin and Slimline Tonic, or even diet coke. And that leads me to the next one: I’m totally cutting out on full fat ‘pop’ drinks.

My other naughty habit is Starbucks. Man, I should have shares in that place. A venti Caramel Macchiato calls my name every day, I tell you. But I really have to reign it in. At around 280 calories per drink, and a high fat and sugar content, I may as well be enjoying a large chocolate bar. From next week, I’ll be *aiming* to order more green tea’s or even just the regular filter coffees with a splash of soya milk to curb those caffeine fixes.

Quite a few biggies there for me, but I’m determined to give it my best shot. Have any of you guys struggled to cut out some of your ‘naughty’ habits? Or have you done it, and never looked back?…

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