Beauty: Love Me Beauty X Phase Zero Build Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

I’m an absolute makeup junkie, and I make no secret of it. I don’t just have double ups of everything, but I have triples, quadruples and all sorts. If ever there was a cosmetics queen, I’m sure I’d be it.

However, there is one product I didn’t own, up until recently. How did I never have a build-you-own eyeshadow palette?

I’m a makeup artist as well as a beauty blogger, so I go through a lot of eyeshadow palettes with my clients, which is mainly bridal. And seeing as I do a lot of bridal – how amazing would it be to customise my own eyeshadow palettes for my brides, so I can just take out a palette and know it’s packed with ideal shades for the occasion?

I discovered Love Me Beauty a while back, and I tested out their Phase Zero lip glosses, which were fantastic (not to mention incredibly cute packaging). Love Me Beauty – in a nutshell – is a membership service beauty site, which retails the gorgeous cosmetics brand Phase Zero.

Basically, you sign up with a £5 membership, and you can unlock membership prices 77% cheaper than RRP! The reason they can offer such insanely good prices is that they use luxury formulas but cut out the middle man. So for £5 a month, you can top up your cosmetics at the most affordable prices (some of the most affordable I’ve seen across premium, top quality makeup).

The main products I’m loving, and which I’m finding super useful for someone like me who goes through a lot of makeup, is the eyeshadows. They basically have just dropped a fantastic launch – the Phase Zero Build Your Own Palette – a magnetic palette with a mirror, which enables you to customise your every own palette.

It has space for 12 eyeshadows and is refillable, so you can top up and switch up as you please. With a gorgeous holographic pattern, it’s a sturdy little palette that would cost £10.80, but costs just £4.80 to members. Literally half the price…

As you can see, I’ve been building my own here, by shopping the stunning eyeshadows from Phase Zero. The eyeshadow singlets on their own cost just 2.90, and they last forever – a deep circular shadow in a range of intense pigments.

I went a little crazy, and I have sooooo many of these now. To show you some of my favourites, I created a personalised ‘smokey eye’ palette, with some glistening pearl shades to open up my eyes too.

Take a look at my creation…

You can browse the range of eyeshadows here, with the ability to mix and match to your hearts content.

The best news is that if you like the sound of Love Me Beauty X Phase Zero, I’m offering a £5 off code for your first purchase! Simply enter WHATEMMADID05 at the checkout and you’ll get a nifty £5 off.

I’ve just received another huge order of a brand new product range that has literally just dropped at Love Me Beauty, from Phase Zero. They are a stunning range of eyeshadows made from coconut water. Yep, you heard me, coconut water! Stay tuned for the review very soon…

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