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green matcha tea

Even though I don’t always practise what I preach, I overall try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some weeks this includes a number of hours clocked up at the gym, followed by lots of healthy meals which are avocado, nuts, chicken, fruit, seeds and vegetable heavy. Other weeks include running for the bus as my only form of exercise and copious amounts of Dominos pizzas and Crispy Chilli Beef from the Chinese takeaway.

One thing, however, remains consistent no matter which week it is – I always drink green tea. I started my green tea addiction two years ago in a bid to help clarify my skin, and also because I have a slight intolerance to milk so I needed a hot drink alternative. Everyone says it’s tastes awful, and in fairness, it’s not half as enjoyable as a frothy latte or good old cup of English tea, but I have actually adapted my taste buds to enjoy it. Madness I know, but I look forward to every cup and genuinely like the taste. It took a good six months to feel like this – so hang in there if your trying this yourself.

matcha green tea
matcha green tea
One type of green tea I kept hearing about through other food bloggers and health junkies alike was Matcha Green Tea, in which I had never experienced. I hadn’t really gave it much thought, until I came across Brown Bear’s version and decided to give it a go. It comes in a sassy little silver and green tin, and the Matcha Green Tea powder is organic, which is always a plus.

matcha green tea
Brown Bear Organic Match Tea begins life in Japan. It’s sweeter than normal green tea, with young tea leaves carefully steamed and stone-ground using traditional methods to preserve the leaf quality and flavour. It claims to be loaded with goodness and creates a truly clean and refreshing tea that is both energising and calming. After researching into this drink whilst having a couple of cups a day, I was over the moon to find out the following facts about Matcha Green Tea:

  • 15 times more potent than regular green tea.
  • 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.
  • 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice

I put roughly about 3/4 of the powder onto a teaspoon and into a mug, and pour on hot water. You are actually meant to whisk up the tea so it creates a lovely little frothy green and white foam tea, however at the time of these photos being taken I didn’t have my whisk to hand, so I gave it a brisk stir instead.

It has a slightly sweeter yet also more bitter taste than regular green tea in my opinion, and I’d say it tastes a little more ‘earthy’ too. Overall, not too much difference though and I actually like it. It costs £18.99 for this particular tin, which I promise will last you for a long time as a little goes a long way…

matcha green tea
matcha green tea
matcha green tea
Whilst we are talking about health foods and drinks, I thought I would use this opportunity to share with you a little ‘ideas and inspiration’ graphic which highlights a top 15 list of snacks to have throughout the day which boost productivity. Sometimes I feel really sluggish during my day at work, and it’s always around 3pm, every time! I found this graphic really helpful to give me an insight into some of the hero superfoods out there and how to work them into my daily routine to help give me that boost.

It’s definitely an infographic I’ll be referring back to every now and again for snacking inspiration. I’ve actually started purchasing a bag of Crispy Kale Chips from Pret a Manger on my lunch breaks this week, so I was happy to see it feature here. The graphic has been put together by Citrix GoToMeeting – it may be quite a nice inspiring read for those who are conscious about their food intake.

15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_UK (00000002)My final topic in today’s post on the subject of healthy eating and lifestyle is a new discovery I came across, in the form of paleo bars! I love nothing more than eating carbohydrates – as in, I crave them constantly and enjoy nothing more than chomping on a bar made up of something stodgy like oats, wheat, chocolate, flakes of some kind of baked goodness. However, I was introduced to The Primal Pantry and their range of five new grain free bars, which are the UK’s first paleo bars launched last year.  The bars are based on the Paleo diet, which  for those who don’t know is based around eating unprocessed, basic foods, which would have been available to our caveman ancestors. It proved to be successful although sometimes only remains as a ‘fad’, as the diet allows for most kinds of meat and veg but lacks room for any processed sugar or sweets. And lets face it, we all have that hidden sweet tooth!

And that is what I am loving about these bars – they come in delicious ingredient concoctions such as Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew, Brazil Nut & Cherry, Hazelnut & Cacao and, the latest addition, Apple & Pecan. Along with the key ingredients, the rest is just nuts, unsweetened fruit and almond oil added in, meaning they actually taste naturally sweet and chewy, yet don’t incorporate any ‘rubbish’. This makes them completely free of grains, gluten, refined sugar, soy, vegetable oil and  any kind of additive, preservative, flavouring or colouring. And I promise you they are so so yummy! My favourite is the Almond and Cashew, where the nuts are nestled in a soft bed of mashed dates.

paleo bars

The bars are available for just £1.49 each from Superdrug, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, leading health stores and online at The Primal Pantry.

I hope today’s post has gave you that little health kick you may have needed! I certainly needed it this week…

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  1. September 19, 2015 / 6:53 pm

    But where’s the froth in your matcha? 🙂

    • September 20, 2015 / 3:16 pm

      Ha ha I have mentioned in the post that for these particular photos I didn’t have my whisk ready…froth-less!

  2. September 24, 2015 / 5:54 pm

    Frothless matcha sounds like a soup 🙂

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